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    Want the latest NFL game predictions? This page is dedicated to helping you with your daily American football handicapping and NFL betting. Featuring daily updates from our writers, who pick the NFL scores and winner for every NFL game all season. Bookmark this page to get the latest odds, betting action, game previews, and NFL predictions all in one place.

    NFL Staff Picks

  • The NFL isn’t short on armchair experts—but when it comes to diving into insightful and data-driven NFL Predictions, it pays to check in with qualified specialists. From Week 1 kickoff to Sunday Funday, the NFL season is the most highly covered and bet-on league in North America. Whether you’re looking to beat the spread or predict next year’s Super Bowl champion with a futures bet, be sure to follow Sports Interaction’s NFL picks and predictions page.

    NFL Picks Explained

    Though the NFL expanded its 16-week format, each team has only 17 games to make the playoffs or hope for a wild card berth. As such, there’s a lot to cover when it comes to NFL picks and NFL betting predictions—from last week’s stats to major injuries to home-field advantage. Even the most dedicated NFL fans lean on experts for in-depth insight into each matchup before making their NFL score predictions and more.

    Following NFL picks is also important given how many popular markets the league has. Whether looking to push your DFS to the next level, figure out your NFL playoff predictions, or get started with your first NFL picks against the spread, we’ve got the coverage you need, year-round.

    NFL Picks Against The Spread

    The NFL is a stats-driven league. Unsurprisingly, betting against the spread (ATS) is the most popular wager in the league, as lines are closely tailored according to the latest data and NFL score predictions. These markets cover a favourite (-) and an underdog (+), and require the favourite to win by a certain number of points and the underdog to not lose by the same number. This is called a handicap and helps even out games with a strong favourite.

    Here’s a quick example:

    Cowboys -4.5 (-115)
    Saints +4.5 (-105)

    Here, the Cowboys are the favourite and must win by at least 5 points.. The Saints either need to win the game, or lose by 4 or fewer points. A $100 wager placed on the Cowboys to cover the spread will pay out $115, while a bettor would need to wager $105 on the Saints to earn a $100 payout.

    Over/Under NFL Picks

    Instead of betting on a team to win or lose, and by how many points, NFL predictions on over/under bets cover how many total points both teams will score in a game.

    Though over/under don’t involve the same depth of analysis as point spreads, they’re popular because each point will directly influence the outcome—last-minute field goals included. Over/under NFL predictions today provide insight into stats like the team’s record against rivals, performance on the road, and more.

    Over/under odds are written as:

    Ravens o46.5 (-110)
    Eagles u46.5 (-110)

    Rather than back a specific team, a bettor decides whether the total score will go over (o) or under (u) 46 points. The -110 is the juice offered from sportsbooks. Here, $110 wagered will pay out $100.

    NFL Money Line Picks

    NFL predictions on moneyline bets cover which team will win. A moneyline is a simple bet that many NFL fans prefer in certain situations – especially if they like a promising underdog to win a game outright. Accordingly, NFL predictions today that cover moneylines offer insight on which team’s recent come-up could translate to a big underdog win.

    Here’s an example:

    Lions +240
    Vikings -150

    In this case, $100 wagered on the +240 Lions (underdogs) would pay out $240 should they win. Meanwhile, $150 wagered on the favourite Vikings would pay out $100.

    This example is pulled directly from Week 13 in 2021, during which time the Lions overcame the odds and earned those who backed the underdog a nice payout.

    NFL Predictions Explained

    So far, we’ve covered how the most popular bets in the NFL are written and how they payout. Given the amount of data on-hand and how quickly the regular season moves, many bettors follow NFL predictions from experts, who comb through data to analyze which picks offer value. In other words, following NFL predictions today from specialists can put bettors ahead of the pack.

    But there’s more to NFL predictions than meets the eye, as the league (and its rosters) evolves at lightning-speed from Week 1 onward. Keep in mind that Sports Interaction also has an NFL Standings page to help you follow the action.

    With many looking to find NFL playoff predictions early on, there’s coverage year-round. Keep reading for key insight into NFL predictions against the spread, over/unders, moneylines, scores, and prop bets.

    NFL Predictions Against The Spread

    As mentioned above, the most important aspect of making solid NFL betting predictions is data. An expert who provides predictions against the spread will rely on up-to-date stats, as well as detailed information on how teams perform in certain conditions, how they’ve fared in the late-season, and matchup records against their opponent.

    Given every point counts in a handicap situation and every play could be the difference, following NFL predictions for this week is key to covering the spread.

    Over/Under NFL Predictions

    Once again, diving deep into a team’s recent record is incredibly important for making smart over/under wagers. NFL score predictions on over/unders emphasize which teams tend to make late-game drives, as well as which offensive and defensive players can capitalize on chances. Here, on-field conditions like weather or even home-field advantage can make a huge difference—and a savvy expert will know how to incorporate these into their NFL score predictions.

    NFL Money Line Predictions

    Though the moneyline covers an outright winner, there’s plenty that goes behind making predictions. In this case, it’s not just about diving into a team’s game-readiness, but also which bets provide high value for underdogs. This is one of the most exciting elements of skimming NFL predictions today, as selecting a strong underdog takes a practiced eye.

    For example, during the 2018 regular season, the Dolphins took down the Patriots with a 27-24 win. The Patriots were the 17-point favourite at the time, which meant that backing the Dolphins on the moneyline as an underdog was a high-value option.

    NFL Score Predictions

    For some, a moneyline or over/under wager isn’t quite challenging enough. NFL score Predictions cover the exact turnout of a game, down to the point. They require number-crunching, perusing game-day updates, depth chart analysis, and more to select a precise score for the winning and losing teams. As such, it’s one of the most challenging bets—but also one of the most rewarding for those who aren’t afraid to dive deep with NFL predictions.

    NFL Prop Bets

    The NFL is known for the high number of prop bets on offer, which cover outcomes like in-game total points per player to total cumulative points per team per season. Each prop bet requires in-depth knowledge of a team or player’s cumulative and recent stats.

    NFL Prop bets are often a part of NFL playoff predictions, with the Super Bowl being the most popular time to wager on props. Some of the most bet-on outcomes include stats related to passing, rushing, receiving, and total yards. Prop bets even include non-sports-related outcomes for the Super Bowl, such as bets on the halftime show.