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Mon May 20 09:00PM ET

Oilers EDM


ATS: 41-52

O/U: 42-46-5

Canucks VAN


ATS: 51-43

O/U: 46-42-6

Spread Moneyline O/U
-1.5 +165 -155 o +5.5 100
+1.5 -200 +130 u +5.5 -120
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  • NHL Matchups & Scores | 2021 – 2022

    From October until April, NHL action is non-stop. As the season progresses, bettors have access to more NHL scores and NHL results to help them handicap upcoming games. Here at Sports Interaction, we make it easy for you to follow the league with our NHL scores and NHL results pages, which are updated constantly.

    Are you on the hunt for NHL scores? Look no further. In addition to connecting you to the latest scores, we also unlock insights into the latest results and upcoming matchups—all season long.

    How do NHL Scores and Results work?

    NHL scores and results are used to gain more information on upcoming games. A team’s most recent NHL results will influence how they’re expected to handle an upcoming matchup. For this reason, staying on top of NHL results is important for bettors.

    Information from NHL scores and NHL results includes player, team, and opponent insights. These insights can be used to select the best odds for popular bet types. In the NHL, the most popular bets are pucklines, moneylines, and over/unders.

    For example, if a bettor wants to bet on a matchup between the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins, they might want to look at each teams’ recent NHL results. While Montreal has a higher number of historic wins, the Bruins have dominated their meetings in recent years.

    How do NHL Matchups work?

    NHL matchups are quick snapshots of each upcoming game. They cover the most popular bets offered in the league, which are listed side by side on an odds board. The bets offered in NHL matchups are pucklines, moneylines, and over/unders. This makes it easy for bettors to compare the teams and odds.

    An NHL puckline requires the favourite team (-) to win by a certain margin of goals. In a puckline bet, the underdog (+) must lose by less than that same margin (or win the game outright). In the example below, the 1.5 means the Lightning must win by two goals. The Panthers must lose by one goal or win the game for a bet to payout.

    An NHL moneyline is a simple bet that covers the game’s outright winner. The favourite is listed with a minus (-) and the underdog with a plus (+). Below, a $100 wager on the Panthers would pay out $240 if they win. Meanwhile, you’d have to wager $115 on the Lightning to win $100 if they beat the Panthers.

    An NHL over/under (or a total) covers the total combined goals after a game ends. If the game ends with the Lightning winning 4-1 against the Panthers, the total score is 5. Bettors who backed the over would cash in. However, if the Panthers had defended better against the Lightning for a 3-1 final score, the under bettors would walk away with a payout.

    NHL matchups are written in an odds board like this:

    Moneyline Puck line Over/Under
    Florida Panthers 240 +1.5 (-110) 4.5o
    Tampa Bay Lightning -115 -1.5 (-110) 4.5u