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    With over 1,000 regular-season games, NHL action is non-stop from the season start to the Stanley Cup’s final game. With so much to cover, following NHL predictions today from passionate experts is one of the simplest ways to stay ahead of the pack when betting on NHL markets. Here at Sports Interaction, we connect you to the latest NHL picks, providing detailed coverage on teams, divisions, and more.

    NHL Picks Explained

    NHL picks are game-by-game selections from leading specialists that provide analysis into each game. Sports Interaction also provides coverage on NHL odds and scores, which are updated daily.

    Reading through NHL picks makes it easy to wager smart, and also provides insight into how and why certain NHL odds are set by sportsbooks. NHL picks today mostly cover the three most popular bets in the NHL: picks against the spread (also called pucklines), moneyline picks, and over/unders.

    The most popular way to wager on NHL picks and parlays is on picks against the spread. Odds cover which team will win or lose, and by how many points. Because hockey is low-scoring compared to other sports, these odds are usually written with a -1.5 or +1.5 to indicate how many goals a favourite must win by and how many goals an underdog can’t lose by.

    Ready to get started with NHL picks today? Keep reading for examples on each of the most common bets in the league.

    NHL Picks Against The Spread

    As mentioned before, spread betting is commonly referred to as the puckline and is popular for NHL picks and parlays. As mentioned above, a puckline covers the number of goals the favourite (-) and underdog (+) teams must score or come within margin of. The .5 is added to cover ties (also called pushes).

    Let’s take a look at an example:

    Bruins -1.5 (-275)
    Penguins +1.5 (+195)

    Here, the Penguins are the underdog and must win the game outright or lose by only one goal. The Bruins, as the favourite, must win by a margin of two goals for the bet to payout.

    The number written in parenthesis shows how the bet pays out. Here, 100$ wagered on the Bruins would pay out $275, while a bettor would have to wager $195 on the Penguins to nab a $100 payout.

    NHL Money Line Picks

    NHL picks for moneylines cover which team will win a game. As with puckline wagers, the favourite is written with a minus (-) and the underdog with a plus (+). These amounts show how closely the teams are matched by sportsbooks—a larger difference or higher number indicates there’s a heavy favourite.

    Here’s an example:

    Blues +114
    Blackhawks -120

    The Blackhawks are the favourite, which means a bettor would need to wager $120 for a $100 return. On the other hand, backing the Blues would see a $114 payout for a $100 wager. When NHL picks today are so close in odds, as with this example, it means sportsbooks consider the game a toss-up.

    Over/Under NHL Picks

    Over/Unders are also known as NHL Totals. They cover the total number of goals in a single game from both teams. Because of the bet’s simplicity, it’s a popular choice for those looking through NHL predictions.

    Totals are written as:

    Panthers 4.5o (-110)
    Lightning 4.5u (-110)

    Rather than wager on a team, a bettor is backing the score to go over (o) or under (u) 4 goals. The number in parenthesis is the juice from sportsbooks. $110 wagered here would pay out $100.

    NHL Predictions Explained

    NHL Predictions Against The Spread

    Wagering on puck lines takes experience and insight, which is why so many NHL fans rely on NHL predictions today. Puckline betting is particularly valuable when there’s a strong favourite to win, as it ‘evens the board’ by providing a handicap.

    For example, even if the Maple Leafs are the -1.5 (-170) favourite, betting on the puck line adds value for a bettor. Should the Maple Leafs win by two points or more, a $100 wager would pay out $170.

    NHL puck lines are also popular for NHL picks and parlays, which are multiple bets bundled together. Remember all bets must win for a payout.

    NHL Money Line Predictions

    Though a moneyline covers an outright winner, there are multiple factors that go into NHL predictions for each game. Experts check out the latest stats, breaking news, injury reports, computer selections, and more to build out a solid prediction on which team will win.

    For example, the Jersey Devils may be the -180 favourite against the underdog +145 Capitals, but a last-minute injury will see these odds shift. Those who follow NHL predictions have the latest information on each roster and game.

    Over/Under NHL Predictions

    NHL fans who prefer not to bet on an outright winner or dive into handicaps can check out over/unders. They’re also popular when a high or low-scoring game is predicted ahead or if there’s no strong favourite in a puck line or moneyline.

    Taking the example above, the Blues (+114) vs. Blackhawks (-120) game is slated to be close, according to sportsbooks. As such, a bettor looking into NHL predictions can wager on over/unders odds instead. You can bet on an over/under for the entire game (eg. over/under 5.5). In this instance you decide whether the two teams will combine to score more or less than five goals. Another betting option allows hockey bettors to make picks on team totals – or how many goals a particular team will score in the game (eg. Blues over/under 3.5).