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Every basketball bettor is looking for an edge and that's just what this NBA prediction page is all about. We'll give you the latest odds on the board, public betting action, game previews, and NBA predictions from our writers to help you make informed bets. Bookmark our NBA predictions today and start cashing in on your hoops wagers.

  • NBA Picks and Predictions

    With 30 NBA teams playing 82 games per season on the NBA schedule, basketball action in North America doesn’t stop from the season tip-off to the NBA Finals. But with so many players, teams, and games to follow, knowing which NBA predictions offer value is incredibly important. Keep reading for a crash course on how to follow NBA picks today.

    NBA Predictions Explained

    Here at Sports Interactive, we hash out the most important elements on all NBA predictions today. These cover aspects from player stats to team performance history to recent injuries—on every single game.

    Finding quality NBA game predictions is especially important when it comes to leveraging wagers. Let’s dive in by covering the most popular NBA bets: point spreads, over/unders, and moneylines.

    NBA Point Spread Predictions

    NBA picks against the spread provide a ‘handicap’ to the underdog to even out games with a clear favourite. In these NBA bets, the handicap covers how much a favourite (-) must win by and the margin of points an underdog (+) must come within. Given this emphasis, the point spread requires in-depth coverage from pundits making NBA predictions today.

    Let’s cover an example:

    Memphis Grizzlies +7.5 (-110)
    LA Lakers -7.5 (-110)

    Here, the Grizzlies need to win the game outright or lose by 7 points or fewer. The Lakers need to win by at least 8 points for a bet to payout. For this reason, even betting the underdog Grizzlies can be profitable—and also makes NBA point spread predictions popular for bettors.

    NBA Over/Under Predictions

    NBA game predictions for over/unders cover the total number of points at the final buzzer. Basketball predictions for these bets rely on broader knowledge such as top scorers, how a team’s season is unfolding, and how they perform on the road.

    Let’s cover a quick example:

    Orlando Magic o215.5
    Miami Heat u215.5

    Instead of wagering on who will win tonight’s NBA games, a bettor wagers on whether the total points in a specific match will go over (o) or under (u) 215.5 points. If the Heat beat the Magic 124-110, then the total is 224, which pays out for those who wagered on the over line.

    Moneyline NBA Predictions

    Moneylines refer to a game’s outright winner. It’s a popular bet for games without a clear favourite. It’s also a popular bet if you think an underdog has a chance to win the game outright. For this reason, the moneyline bet is much more nuanced than many think—and following NBA game predictions is even more important.

    For example, if the Golden State Warriors are the -125 favourites against the +145 Utah Jazz, $125 wagered on the Warriors would pay out $100, while $100 on the Jazz would pay out $145 if they topple the Dubs.

    Alternatively, the Warriors might have odds of -250 to take on the Houston Rockets at +400. Here, the Warriors are the heavy favourite, which means a bettor has to wager $250 and hope for a $100 payout. Meanwhile, someone who follows NBA Predictions today might be able to foresee a blowout underdog win and bring home $400 for the $100 they wagered.

    NBA Picks Explained

    NBA predictions cover tons of information, from player and team stats to busy game schedules, recent injuries. NBA picks today, on the other hand, cover specific outcomes for games and in-play bets.

    In other words, NBA picks tonight is a summary of the analysis on the most likely outcome for all NBA bets—whether picks against the spread, over/unders, moneylines, parlays, or prop bets. Keep reading to learn more about how NBA picks are made for each matchup and bet type.

    NBA Picks Against the Spread

    Let’s say the Nets are the -10.5 favourite against the +10.5 Trailblazers, but last-minute injuries mean Kevin Durant won’t be on the court. Suddenly, there’s more value in backing the Trailblazers—though they’re still slated to lose, they stand a better chance of falling within 10 points of the Nets without KD.

    NBA Over/Under Picks

    The NBA is an exciting sport for Over/Under bets given its fluctuating scores. As such, following NBA picks tonight on Over/Unders is recommended, especially considering some games end with teams scoring 90 points in one game—then 140 in their next.

    At Sports Interaction, experts who offer NBA picks and basketball predictions pay close attention to aspects like head-to-head performance records, three-point stats, fourth-quarter stats, and more.

    Moneyline NBA Picks

    For new punters, the moneyline bet offers an easy start. NBA bets on moneylines cover the outright winner, which might see favourites with odds as large as -500. As such, finding value on moneylines is key for pundits offering NBA picks tonight.

    Take a look at last year’s NBA season. When the Pistons overcame the Bucks 115-106, anyone who had backed the +1100 Pistons saw massive payouts—and those who follow NBA picks are always ahead of the pack.

    NBA Picks and Parlays

    With a dozen games scheduled some days, many NBA punters enjoy parlay betting. These types of NBA bets cover wagers on multiple games and outcomes, and can include different bet types. Keep in mind that parlays only payout when each leg of the bet is successful.

    This means bettors have access to higher-value odds—but must win every leg of the bet. For this reason, NBA predictions today are popular for bettors looking to get the most out of each wager by bundling them together strategically.

    NBA Prop Bets

    As a stats-heavy league, NBA prop bets are incredibly varied. Prop bets cover outcomes aside from the match’s conclusion. These can cover individual player stats, team stats, or even non-sports-related topics.

    Most prop bets are based on stats, which means many bettors choose to follow NBA game predictions and other NBA picks before wagering. Some of the most common stats to wager on include points, assists, and rebounds.