Charlie BoccanegraManaging Editor. Web professional since the days of green text on black screens. Didn’t invent the interweb, but gave Al Gore some pointers.

Frank Doyle –  Senior Editor. Despises the designated hitter rule. Stretches in the sixth inning, to beat the rush. Thinks Ken Norton is a forgotten man of boxing.

David BastlWriter, Social Media Analyst – Veteran Canadian sports journalist and social butterfly. Loves the CFL and the Winnipeg Jets more than medically advised.

Payton MatthewsWriter – Sports Interaction’s editorial Swiss Army knife. Matthews writes on everything from betting the ponies to tiddlywinks.

Andrew RodgersWriter – Our “hockey guy” who only recently clipped his mullet and fails miserably to keep up with what’s “lit.” Loves sports betting numbers and trends.

Charlie GrantWriter – Grant is our main man when it comes to hoops and knows more about soccer (he says “it’s called football”) than most blokes this side of the pond.

Jeremy PerryWriter – An international man of mystery. Files stories from airports all around the world and rarely sleeps.