Charlie BoccanegraSenior Editor. Web professional since the days of green text on black screens. Didn’t invent the interweb, but gave Al Gore some pointers.

Frank DoyleEditor, Sports Writer. Despises the designated hitter rule. Stretches in the sixth inning, to beat the rush. Thinks Ken Norton is a forgotten man of boxing. Wishes the Cleveland Browns could finally get it together, but knows they probably won’t. – +Frank Doyle

Al DannitySports Writer. Once ran the circuit at Aqueduct. He was in an egg and spoon race, for a bet. That made it ok. Is petitioning Congress to have the blues renamed “The Bruins” by statute due to current troubles at Pauley Pavilion. – +Al Dannity

Dale PerthSports Writer. is trying to create a hybrid of cricket, curling and hurling and call it “churling.” Wants to be a world champion, but only if others do all the hard work for him. Likes the heat, but stays out of the kitchen anyway. +Dale Perth

Ellen DelaneyEntertainment Writer. Has been to Georgia and California, but didn’t like the room service. The only TV show she doesn’t watch is Barney. Has Perez Hilton’s cell number, but doesn’t take his calls. What, in these shoes?

Ricky RothsteinSports Writer. Thinks Jeremy Shockey is the re-incarnation of Nick Nolte in North Dallas Forty. Owns every record that Stompin’ Tom ever released. Thinks the Expos will come back to Montreal. Someday…

Mike SchultzPoker Writer. Learned to play poker because he fell in love with Ann-Margret in The Cincinnati Kid. Never listens to Kenny Rogers. He’s more a Lady Gaga man. +Mike Schultz