NFL Pro Bowl 2015 Monday Morning GIF BLITZ!

Mike Schultz | Updated Oct 04, 2017


The week between the AFC and NFC Championship can be pretty boring unless you’ve got a true scandal like #DeflateGate on your hands. But when the 24 hour news cycle brings you nothing but balls, you turn to the game that no one has been waiting for to satiate your hunger for NFL football: the Pro Bowl. It’s the battle of the best. Well, half of the players are the best, the rest are first, second and third alternates because the best are either playing in the Super Bowl or don’t want to risk injury.

Without further ado, here some gifs from the Pro Bowl. Warning: defense not included:

It just wouldn’t be right for Odell Beckham Jr. to not have a highlight reel catch in this game. The rookie brought in five passes for 89 yards including this 48 yard diving catch. This play would set up a touchdown later in the drive. In the battle of Team Irvin vs. Team Carter, Team Irvin would eventually be victorious, 32-28. You have to imagine Stafford was confused that they were asking him to pass to someone other than Megatron.

Emmanuel Sanders caught two touchdown passes to help Team Irvin; one from Stafford and one from the Falcons’ Matt Ryan. This play was particularly impressive as it was threaded through a pretty tight window and ended in a solid grab. Seeing these neon uniforms, it looks like an XFL game. Then you realize it’s not because the players are actually talented.

Here’s the aftermath of Stafford’s second touchdown pass of the day. Stafford put up the biggest numbers of all six quarterbacks completing 15 of 25 passes, good for 316 yards, 2 touchdown passes and one interception. Meanwhile, Jimmy Graham caught two touchdown passes on his own and capped this one off with his signature goalpost dunk. Flag for dunking not included because it’s the Pro Bowl and no one cares.

Andrew Luck found himself himself throwing to one of his favorite targets during the game, T.Y. Hilton. Luck found Hilton for 3 catches and 40 yards during their time on the field together, including this 14 yard touchdown pass. The bobble here makes me wonder if we have #OverInflateGate about to blow up.

The Packers just missed a trip to the Super Bowl, but a handful of players were on hand to participate in the Pro Bowl. Here’s Jordy Nelson hauling in a touchdown pass only to be met by a familiar face in the end zone; the lovable Clay Matthews. No word on whether or not celebrating the other team’s score will be a trend in future seasons.

I lied. There was SOME defense included, but if you look close enough, it’s accidental defense. Here’s Brent Grimes of the Miami Dolphins accidentally intercepting Drew Brees and taking the touchdown away from T.Y. Hilton. Grimes’ Madden rating should be boosted for next year’s release based on this play alone.

The countdown is on for Super Bowl 49, so get your bets in now!