Marshawn Lynch's Handful Results in $20,000 Fine

Mike Schultz | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Marshawn Lynch has a knack for irritating the NFL front office. Whether it be – gasp – wearing gold cleats or refusing to speak to the media, Lynch has found a way to make it into the news with his off-beat behavior. For the second time this season, the Seattle running back has been fined for his touchdown celebration that includes a handful of his own groin.

Lynch was fined $11,050 after the December 21st game against the NFC West divisional rival Arizona Cardinals. The play in question was a bruising 79 yard touchdown that Lynch celebrated with hand on crotch, falling backwards into the end zone; reminiscent of his 67 yard touchdown against the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card Round during the 2010 playoffs.

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No stranger to warnings, fines and gentle prods from the NFL, Lynch was planning on wearing gold cleats during the NFC Championship Game against the Packers. The NFL responded by threatening to suspend the running back affectionately known as “Beast Mode” for the game and Lynch conceded, wearing league approved cleats.

Early in the fourth quarter of the NFCCG, Lynch scored a key touchdown that would put the Seahawks in the lead for the first time in the game. After crossing the goal line, Lynch casually gave his groin a grab and proceeded to shake the hand of his teammate. That casual handful wound up costing Lynch $20,000 in fines.

His refusal to speak to the media after the game could also net a fine of around $50,000 or more, as Lynch has made a habit of either responding to every question with a simple “yeah” or by just not making himself available at all. As far as this latest fine goes, Lynch had this to say.