Super Bowl 58 Betting: Chiefs vs. 49ers exact score prediction, odds and best bet

Jordan Ramsay | Updated Feb 10, 2024

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Think you have what it takes to pick the exact score of Super Bowl 58?

Super Bowl 58 is headed to Las Vegas on Sunday as the Kansas City Chiefs will look to win back-to-back championships when they face the San Francisco 49ers. What better way to celebrate a Sin City Super Bowl than rolling the dice by betting the exact score of the game?

Betting the exact score isn’t easy. You’re taking a big swing with an exact score bet, but the payout is substantial. There’s no room for error, so let’s take a deep dive on some exact score props.

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Super Bowl 58 exact score odds

Here’s a sample of some exact score props:

Chiefs - 2749ers - 24+6600
49ers - 27Chiefs - 24+6600
49ers - 20Chiefs - 17+8000
49ers - 23Chiefs - 20+8000
Chiefs - 2049ers - 17+9000
Chiefs - 2349ers - 17+15,000
49ers - 30Chiefs - 23+17,500
Chiefs - 2449ers - 23+20,000
49ers - 38Chiefs - 17+27,500
Chiefs - 2749ers - 14+50,000

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Super Bowl scores over the last decade

Super BowlWinning ScoreLosing Score
57Chiefs - 38Eagles - 35
56Rams - 23Bengals - 20
55Buccaneers - 31Chiefs - 9
54Chiefs - 3149ers - 20
53Patriots - 13Rams - 3
52Eagles - 41Patriots - 33
51Patriots - 34Falcons - 28
50Broncos - 24Panthers - 10
49Patriots - 28Seahawks - 24
48Seahawks - 43Broncos - 8

Look at the chart above and you’ll see just how unpredictable an exact score bet can be as the same score hasn’t been repeated in any of the last 10 Super Bowls. Even more bizarrely, if you look again at the exact score odds in the first chart, the number “7” factors into seven of 10 scores even though “7” hasn’t been part of the final score for any Super Bowl team in the last decade.

Super Bowl 58 exact score prediction and best bet

An exact score bet is essentially blindfolding yourself then spinning around 10 times and throwing a dart at a dartboard. For that reason, I’m staying away from short odds and maximizing my potential return. I think this will be a close game and I think both teams will score between 20 and 30 points, so my exact score prediction is Chiefs 24 – 49ers 23 at +20,000 odds.

I’ve been burned by doubting Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs this year and I’m not about to make the same mistake in the Super Bowl. This game could come down to the final drive and that’s when Kansas City’s experience and winning pedigree will make the difference.