NFL Spreads Week 2: Best Picks Against the Spread

Frank Doyle | Updated Oct 04, 2017

Pete Carroll Seattle Seahawks

Welcome to Week 2 of the NFL season. Check out all the early pointspreads and best bets on the board.

The first week of the season brought injuries, upsets and surprises. Expect much more of the same when you check out the early NFL betting lines for Week 2.

All NFL odds current as of 3 p.m. ET, Monday Sept. 14

UPDATED 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Week 2 NFL Betting Odds

Thursday Night Football

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs

Point spread: Chiefs 3-point favorites

Over/under 42 – Moved to 42.5

Arrowhead is a tough place to play at the best of times and now the Broncos come in on a short week with major concerns about their offence. Can Peyton Manning turn it around? Probably, but it’s going to take more than a few days to figure it out.

Pick against the spread: Kansas City Chiefs -3

Sunday Sept. 20

Arizona Cardinals at Chicago Bears

Point spread: Cardinals 2-point favourites – Cardinals drop to -1.5.

Over/under 45

The Chicago Bears hung around with Green Bay last weekend, giving some hope to their supporters. That says a lot about the expectations for this team. Meanwhile, Arizona looks like it hasn’t missed a beat on offence now that Carson Palmer is healthy and just held the Saints to 54 yards on the ground. If the Bears can’t get their running game going, they’re in trouble.

Pick against the spread: Cardinals -2

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants

Point spread: -2

Over/under: 51

I wouldn’t trust the Giants to catsit my grandmother’s grumpy cat, let alone a 2-point spread at home to the Falcons. The Giants keep on screwing up timeouts and time management and Tom Coughlin still has a job. Go figure. Meanwhile, the Falcons look very sharp, so get ready for another Julio Jones show.

Pick: Falcons +2

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings

Point spread: Vikings -3

Over/under: 43

Looks like a coin-flip game. The Vikings aren’t as bad as they showed in Week 1’s Monday Night Football blowout loss and it’s hard to know what the Lions are yet. In this case, take the points.

Pick: Lions +3

Houston Texans at Carolina Panthers

Point spread: Panthers 3-point favourites

Over/under 40.5

The Panthers swatted the Jaguars around in Week 1. J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans are not the Jacksonville Jaguars. Sure, they already changed starting quarterbacks and will all but certainly be without Arian Foster again, but their defence is going to be all over Cam Newton in the backfield.

Pick against the spread: Texans +3

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

Point spread: Patriots 1-point favourites – Odds now have this game as a  Pick ’em

Over/under 45

Buffalo isn’t going to be an easy place to play and the Bills’ offence does look interesting with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback. The thing is, Bill Belichick is a rookie quarterback’s worst nightmare and the Pats are playing mad.

Pick against the spread: Patriots -1

San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals

Point spread: Bengals 3-point favourites

Over/under 45.5 – Total moved to 46

The Detroit Lions got into a shootout with the Chargers in Week 1 and ended up yielding almost 500 yards of total offence. What’s even more impressive is that San Diego held possession for more than 38 minutes.

Pick against the spread: Chargers +3

San Francisco 49ers at Pittsburgh Steelers

Point spread: Steelers -6

Over/under: 45

The Steelers weren’t ready for the Pats last week and will be in a world of hurt if they don’t tidy up before the 49ers come to town. Despite all of San Francisco’s problems in the offseason, everyone might have written them off too soon. This is a proud, tough defence, and the Niners may have a dynamic running game with Carlos Hyde coming out of the backfield. Too many points.

Pick: 49ers +6

St. Louis Rams at Washington

Point spread: Rams 3-point favorites – Rams have moved to 3.5-point favourites. 

Over/under 42

Washington kept it close against Miami last week by keeping the ball on the ground but that’s going to be tough to do against St. Louis’ defensive line. The Rams may be a lot better a lot faster than everyone expected.

Pick against the spread: Rams -3

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

Point spread: Saints 10-point favourites – Saints have dropped to -9.5.

Over/under 47.5

Everything that could have gone wrong for the Buccaneers in Week 1 did and this is a team that’s going to experience some growing pains. That doesn’t mean they should be 10-point underdogs in New Orleans. This point spread is too big with the Saints’ suspect defence.

Pick against the spread: Buccaneers +10

Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns

Point spread: Browns 2-point favourites – Odds now list this matchup as a Pick ’em. 

Over/under 41.5

Not to get too carried away with Marcus Mariota’s big debut, but the Browns are still the Browns. They don’t look like they’ll be able to move the ball very well no matter who is playing quarterback and the Titans should be able to force a few turnovers.

Pick against the spread: Titans +2

Baltimore Ravens at Oakland Raiders

Point spread: Ravens -6

Over/under: 43.5

Last week’s loss to Denver overshadowed an amazing defensive effort from Baltimore. If the Ravens attack the line of scrimmage half as well this week, the Black Hole may be waving the white flag by halftime.

Pick: Ravens -6

Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars

Point spread: Dolphins 6-point favourites

Over/under 41.5

It’s hard to find many playmakers on the Jaguars rosters right now. While rookie, T.J. Yeldon looks as though he could be an every-down back, he’s heading into this one with a bull’s-eye on his chest. Miami’s defence should be the difference.

Pick against the spread: Dolphins -6

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

Point spread: Eagles -5

Over/under 55

The Eagles played well in Week 1 but were done in by a slow start and a missed field goal. This team is going to try to run its opposition into the ground every week and the Cowboys will be wheezing down the stretch. Expect Dallas to struggle to control the clock without Dez Bryant picking up big first downs and against Philadelphia, that’s a big problem.

Pick: Eagles -5

Sunday Night Football

Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

Point spread: Packers 3-point favourites – Packers move to 4-point favourites

Over/under 48.5

This doesn’t look good for Seattle unless the Seahawks settle their contract dispute with Kam Chancellor. Without their captain in the secondary, the Rams nearly hit 400 yards of total offence. That was the Rams, these are the Packers at home.

Pick against the spread: Packers -3

Monday Night Football

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

Point spread: Colts 6.5-point favourites – Colts move to 7-point favourites

Over/under 46.5

The Colts were sloppy in last week’s loss in Buffalo and now have to regroup after seeing T.Y. Hilton go down with a knee injury. The Jets are going to pound the rock on the ground just like Buffalo did and try to control the clock, so while the Colts might get out of Week 2 with a win, it’s going to be close.

Pick against the spread: New York Jets +6.5