2015 Super Bowl Prop Odds: Weird Bets for Super Bowl XLIX

Frank Doyle | Updated Jan 22, 2015

Katy Perry Super Bowl

When it comes to Super Bowl XLIX prop bets, the crazier the better. That’s why we put together a smörgåsbord of bets covering everything from Doritos’ commercial contest, to halftime entertainment, to what’s now unfortunately known as DeflateGate.

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If you’re the type of person that bets “heads” on the Super Bowl coin toss, we have your bet set at its trusty -105 price. And if you’re into betting the length of the National Anthem, it currently has an over/under of 122.5 seconds with Idina Menzel doing the honours.

But that’s the sort of run-of-the-mill bet your grandmother’s into.

What about the Super Bowl ads? They’re the only reason half the people come to your Super Bowl party and Doritos has a Crash the Super Bowl competition in which the creators of eight 30-second ads battle it out for $1,000,000 and a job at Universal Pictures. So, yes, we set odds on that too. Currently “Doritos Angler” and “When Pigs Fly” are the early favorites but that could easily change before the contest ends on Jan. 28.

Talking about DeflateGate, will the Seahawks check for deflated footballs? Right now “Yes” is at +1000.

When the game gets to halftime, we know probably the only reason you’ll be sticking around to see Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz is if you have a bet to back. Will there be surprise guests? Will Katy Perry kiss a girl? Will Bill Belichick kiss his lady friend? Will Kravitz actually perform without a scarf? What will be their beverages of choice?

Keep coming back to Sports Interaction’s Super Bowl props page leading up to the big game to see what new odds we add next.