Another Dry Summer for Chicago Baseball?

Frank Doyle | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Frank Doyle hopes Chicago enjoys the hockey – the Windy City isn’t likely to find any joy from baseball this summer.

The always volatile White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was in the news again this week, having blown his top with umpire Joe West when West called two balks on Chicago’s Mark Buehrle in their game against Cleveland on Wednesday. Guillen will almost certainly be disciplined, but it’s the least of his worries. The White Sox are at Tampa Bay since yesterday for a four game series, and they’re in danger of finding out just how far off the MLB betting pace they are this year.

The White Sox lost the first game 5-1 last night, when the Rays bounced back from a sweep in Boston to restore their lustre as the best team in baseball. Today, Ozzie hands the ball to Freddie Garcia, 3-3, 5.68 ERA. Garcia is an eleven year veteran but he’ll have his work cut out against Tampa Bay’s David Price, 7-1, 2.41 ERA, who leads the majors in wins currently. Price brings heat and his command is improving. He’s a good bet to be 8-1 by midnight tonight.

Back in Chicago, the Cubs welcome the Cardinals to Wrigley Field for their first meeting of the season in a series that could be closer than you would have thought at the start of the month. The Cards are one of the best teams in baseball, but their offense had been spluttering a little, giving Mark McGwire’s critics another chance to kick him.

The Cubs have shown some improvement over the past month and they’ll be eager to test themselves this weekend against their Midwestern rivals. This series could set the tone for the summer at Addison and Clark.

This afternoon’s pitching matchup sees the Cardinals’ Chris Carpenter, 5-1, 3.09 ERA, pitch against the Cubs’ Randy Wells, 3-2, 3.99 ERA. The scouting report on Carpenter’s last outing against Anaheim is not good, while Randy Wells has good control and, at 6’5” and 230 pounds, he should be able to put a little zip on it. Carpenter is a veteran with all of a veteran’s nous, but Wells might sneak the edge here, especially if the Cards’ offense is still struggling.