Post Malone Beer Pong Odds, Predictions: Johnny Manziel vs. Zack Bia

Frank Doyle | Updated Apr 03, 2020

johnny manziel beer pong

Johnny Manziel probably knows his way around a beer pong table better than an NFL playbook. He has his first game in the Ballina Cup today.

When you think of celebrity beer pong tournaments, one of the first names that instantly pops into your head has to be Johnny Manziel.

The former NCAA football start quarterback never got his NFL career on track and it’s reasonable to assume beer pong, or at least beer, had something to do with it. Not to make light of any dependency issues he may have or did battle, but Manziel was never the first guy to leave the party. He likely knows his way around a beer pong table better than an NFL playbook.

The Ballina Cup Odds: Johnny Manziel vs. Zack Bia

So that’s why our astute oddsmakers have him set as a -125 favourite in his first-round matchup against Zack Bia in Post Malone’s celebrity Ballina Cup tournament.

The Ballina Cup - Zack Bia v Johnny Manziel

1st Round
  • Johnny Manziel -125
  • Zack Bia -116

Who is Zack Bia anyway? We may be out of touch, but when you’re 10 minutes into a Google search and still can’t really figure out why a guy is famous, that’s saying something. Maybe we’ll find out more tonight when he goes head-to-head against Johnny football.

You can find out more details and fill out your tournament bracket here. To watch all the action, check out the Ballina Cup on Instagram. Proceeds from this tournament will be donated to support COVID-19 relief.

To bet on all of the tournament’s matchups, head over to the Sports Interaction Entertainment Odds page.

Celebrity Beer Pong Prediction

Johnny Football all day. By the way, he’s currently at +900 to win the whole tournament.