NHL Live Betting Report: It pays to bet on Vegas and Boston, but avoid Edmonton and San Jose at all costs

Jordan Ramsay | Updated Nov 07, 2023

Who are the best and worst teams to live bet in the NHL?

Live betting is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to the NHL as it allows bettors to feel out the flow of a game before making a wager. Is Team A dominating the pace of the action in the first period? Does Team B look sluggish from the start?

Live betting provides a platform for intuitive bettors who trust their gut to pick the team they feel has been hotter from the opening puck drop. Stats are important when it comes to live betting, so we’ve created two charts for bettors to understand which teams have been the best live bets in the 2023-24 NHL season.

The first chart shows the records of all 32 teams when they score first, when they lead after the first period and when they lead after the second period. The second chart shows team records when allowing the first goal and trailing after the first and second periods.

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*Records as of November 7

TeamAfter Scoring FirstLeading After 1st PeriodLeading After 2nd Period
Anaheim Ducks4-2-03-1-02-0-0
Arizona Coyotes4-3-04-2-04-1-1
Boston Bruins6-1-05-1-06-1-1
Buffalo Sabres4-1-03-0-05-0-0
Calgary Flames2-3-11-1-11-1-0
Carolina Hurricanes3-1-02-0-03-0-0
Chicago Blackhawks2-4-01-0-02-0-0
Colorado Avalanche4-0-04-0-06-0-0
Columbus Blue Jackets3-0-23-1-22-0-1
Dallas Stars4-0-10-0-05-0-0
Detroit Red Wings3-1-12-0-05-0-0
Edmonton Oilers2-4-12-0-12-1-0
Florida Panthers4-1-03-0-14-0-1
Los Angeles Kings5-0-15-0-16-0-0
Minnesota Wild2-1-12-0-02-0-0
Montreal Canadiens3-1-11-0-12-0-0
Nashville Predators3-2-02-1-04-0-0
New Jersey Devils2-0-02-0-05-1-1
New York Islanders5-0-34-0-14-0-2
New York Rangers6-1-13-0-14-0-1
Ottawa Senators4-3-04-1-04-0-0
Philadelphia Flyers5-1-05-2-05-1-0
Pittsburgh Penguins3-4-02-2-03-1-0
San Jose Sharks0-3-10-1-10-2-1
Seattle Kraken2-4-23-1-14-0-1
St. Louis Blues4-0-02-0-04-0-0
Tampa Bay Lightning4-0-04-0-24-1-2
Toronto Maple Leafs4-1-13-0-04-0-0
Vancouver Canucks7-0-05-0-08-0-0
Vegas Golden Knights7-1-15-1-07-1-0
Washington Capitals2-0-03-0-02-0-0
Winnipeg Jets3-1-11-0-03-0-1

Key Takeaways

Vegas has opened the scoring an NHL-best nine times this season, winning seven of those games. Vancouver is a perfect 7-0-0 when scoring first while Boston is 6-1-0. Betting the Golden Knights, Canucks and Bruins to score the game’s first goal has paid off through the first 12-13 games of the season. It’s also worth keeping in mind that Colorado, St. Louis, Vancouver and Washington are all undefeated when scoring the game’s opening goal and when leading after the first and second periods.

On the flip side, you’ll want to avoid betting Edmonton to score first as they’re an abysmal 2-4-1 in that situation. You’ll also want to steer clear of the winless San Jose Sharks as they’re the only team in the league this year that has failed to win a game when opening the scoring.

*Records as of November 7

TeamAfter Not Scoring FirstTrailing After 1st PeriodTrailing After 2nd Period
Anaheim Ducks3-2-02-2-03-3-0
Arizona Coyotes1-2-10-2-01-2-0
Boston Bruins4-0-11-0-11-0-0
Buffalo Sabres2-5-00-3-00-3-0
Calgary Flames1-4-01-3-00-6-0
Carolina Hurricanes4-4-04-3-03-4-0
Chicago Blackhawks2-3-01-3-01-6-0
Colorado Avalanche3-3-02-3-01-3-0
Columbus Blue Jackets1-5-10-4-11-4-0
Dallas Stars3-3-03-2-00-3-0
Detroit Red Wings4-3-01-2-02-4-1
Edmonton Oilers0-4-00-4-00-6-0
Florida Panthers2-4-01-2-00-4-0
Los Angeles Kings2-2-11-2-11-2-1
Minnesota Wild2-4-11-4-22-5-1
Montreal Canadiens2-3-11-2-12-4-2
Nashville Predators2-4-00-3-00-4-0
New Jersey Devils5-3-10-2-10-2-0
New York Islanders0-2-00-1-00-2-0
New York Rangers2-1-01-2-00-2-0
Ottawa Senators0-3-00-3-00-5-0
Philadelphia Flyers0-5-10-3-00-3-1
Pittsburgh Penguins1-2-00-1-01-4-0
San Jose Sharks0-7-00-6-00-8-0
Seattle Kraken2-2-00-1-00-4-0
St. Louis Blues1-4-10-3-00-4-0
Tampa Bay Lightning1-3-40-2-20-2-2
Toronto Maple Leafs2-3-13-2-12-4-0
Vancouver Canucks2-2-11-2-10-2-0
Vegas Golden Knights4-0-02-0-01-0-0
Washington Capitals3-4-12-3-12-4-1
Winnipeg Jets2-3-12-2-00-4-1

Key Takeaways

The Golden Knights (4-0-0) and Bruins (4-0-1) have the best records in the NHL when allowing the first goal of the game, so you don’t want to count them out of anything. Both teams seem to have a bit of a ‘comeback kid’ mentality. Vegas is 2-0-0 when trailing after the first period and 1-0-0 when trailing after the second (Bruins are 1-0-1 and 1-0-0 respectively).

Teams that essentially roll over and die when they give up the opening goal, include Calgary (1-4-0), Columbus (1-5-1), Edmonton (0-4-0), Philadelphia (0-5-1) and of course San Jose (0-7-0). That’s part of a troubling trend for the Oilers as they haven’t won a single game when giving up the first goal, or when trailing after the first or second periods. Avoid Edmonton at all costs.