Ottawa Senators Transactions

player pos description date
Angus Crookshank LW Assigned LW Angus Crookshank to Belleville (AHL). 04/22
Bokondji Imama LW Assigned LW Bokondji Imama to Belleville (AHL). 04/18
Zack Ostapchuk C Assigned C Zack Ostapchuk to Belleville (AHL). 04/17
Jiri Smejkal LW Assigned LW Jiri Smejkal to Belleville (AHL). 04/17
Zack Ostapchuk C Recalled C Zack Ostapchuk from Belleville (AHL). 04/15
Matthew Highmore C Activated C Matthew Highmore from injured reserve. 04/14
Matthew Highmore C Assigned C Matthew Highmore to Belleville (AHL). 04/14
Zack MacEwen RW Recalled RW Zack MacEwen from Belleville (AHL). 04/08
Zack MacEwen RW Activated C Zack MacEwen from injured reserve. 04/07
Bokondji Imama LW Recalled LW Bokondji Imama from Belleville (AHL). 04/06
Tyler Kleven D Assigned D Tyler Kleven to Belleville (AHL). 04/05
Rourke Chartier C Assigned C Rourke Chartier to Belleville (AHL). 04/04
Jiri Smejkal LW Recalled LW Jiri Smejkal from Belleville (AHL). 04/04
Tyler Kleven D Recalled D Tyler Kleven from Belleville (AHL). 03/28
Zack Ostapchuk C Assigned C Zack Ostapchuk to Belleville (AHL). 03/22
Angus Crookshank LW Recalled LW Angus Crookshank from Belleville (AHL). 03/21
Rourke Chartier C Placed C Rourke Chartier on IR. 03/18
Maxence Guenette D Assigned D Maxence Guenette to Belleville (AHL). 03/17
Wyatt Bongiovanni C Acquired C Wyatt Bongiovanni from the Winnipeg Jets for future considerations. 03/15
Jamieson Rees C Acquired C Jamieson Rees from the Carolina Hurricanes for a 2024 sixth-round draft pick. 03/15