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SIA’s Super Bowl odds tracker is your one-stop-shop to discover and track the Super Bowl odds for each of the teams in the National Football League. Using our tracking software, you can look at the odds movement for a single team, or compare them to other teams who’s odds are also shifting. As the football season progresses, be sure to check back here to monitor your team’s odds to win the biggest football game of the year.

Super Bowl 55 Odds: Top Contenders

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    Sportsbooks offer bettors the chance to bet on which team will win the Super Bowl long before the actual event takes place, and often the odds for who will win the following Super Bowl are posted almost immediately after a team wins the Lombardi Trophy. Betting on next year’s winner is what’s known as a Futures bet. The oddsmakers will set the lines by examining any coaching and personnel changes, offseason roster moves, and of course, the team’s performance from the previous season.

    Let’s take a look at the above chart and use the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the example of how futures odds can quickly change. Back in February, the Bucs were considered longshots to win Super Bowl 55. They were priced at +5000. That means that if you placed a $10 bet on the Bucs back in February, and they ended up winning Super Bowl 55, you’d earn $500 on your $10 bet.

    Those longshot odds didn’t hold for long, as Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski would shake things up a month later by signing with Tampa Bay. Within hours, the Buccaneer’s odds were priced at +900. A pretty huge jump that only signing one of the greatest quarterbacks and tight ends of all time could guarantee. Let’s make that same $10 bet. If Brady leads Tampa Bay to the Super Bowl, you’d come away with $90.

    Super Bowl 55 Line Movement

    • February 2020 – The Chiefs win Super Bowl 54, which gives them the highest futures odds to repeat in 2020.
    • March 2020 – Deandre Hopkins signs with the Cardinals, who see their odds improve from +8000 to +2800.
    • April 2020 – With the signing of both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, the Tampa Bay Bucs go from +5000 longshots to +900 contenders in a matter of hours.
    • July 2020 – The New England Patriots make headlines by signing former Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, and their odds to win the Super Bowl move from +2500 to +1400.
    • October 2020 – MVP-level performances from Josh Allen, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers at the quarter-season mark have moved the Bills, Seahawks and Packers higher on the Super Bowl odds.
    • October 2020 – Patriots QB Cam Newton tests positive for COVID-19, as do a number of the Tennessee Titans roster and staff.
    • October 2020 – Cowboys QB Dak Prescott suffers a season-ending ankle injury in Week 5. Andy Dalton takes over at center.

    2021 Super Bowl Odds: All Teams

    Keep track of every team in the league’s chances of winning Super Bowl 55 here.

    Team Odds
    Green Bay Packers +225
    Kansas City Chiefs +225
    Buffalo Bills +275
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers +350

    Odds as of January 18, 2021 - 05:25am ET

    Super Bowl 55: AFC Odds

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      AFC East Odds

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        The Patriots have completely dominated the AFC lately, and have won three of the last six Super Bowls. Even with Tom Brady gone, the Pats are still favoured to win the division with new quarterback Cam Newton leading the team.

        AFC East TeamSuper Bowl ChampionshipsSB AppearancesLast SB ChampionshipLast SB Appearance
        New England Patriots611Super Bowl 53Super Bowl 53
        Miami Dolphins25Super Bowl 8Super Bowl 19
        New York Jets11Super Bowl 3Super Bowl 3
        Buffalo Bills04N/ASuper Bowl 28

        AFC North Odds

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          It’s hard to argue with oddsmakers who see the Ravens only improving on their stellar season last year, pricing them at -240 to win their division.

          AFC North TeamSuper Bowl ChampionshipsSB AppearancesLast SB ChampionshipLast SB Appearance
          Pittsburgh Steelers68Super Bowl 43Super Bowl 45
          Baltimore Ravens22Super Bowl 42Super Bowl 42
          Cincinnati Bengals00N/ASuper Bowl 23
          Cleveland Browns00N/AN/A

          AFC South Odds

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            In the AFC South, only the Indianapolis Colts have won the big game, and early odds have them taking the division this season as they are currently priced at +114.

            AFC South TeamSuper Bowl ChampionshipsSB AppearancesLast SB ChampionshipLast SB Appearance
            Indianapolis Colts24Super Bowl 41Super Bowl 44
            Tennessee Titans01N/ASuper Bowl 34
            Houston Texans00N/AN/A
            Jacksonville Jaguars00N/AN/A

            AFC West Odds

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              The favourites to repeat their recent Super Bowl win are the obvious favourites to claim the AFC West, with the Chargers next in line at +674.
              AFC West TeamSuper Bowl ChampionshipsSB AppearancesLast SB ChampionshipLast SB Appearance
              Denver Broncos38Super Bowl 50Super Bowl 50
              Oakland Raiders35Super Bowl 18Super Bowl 37
              Kansas City Chiefs23Super Bowl 54Super Bowl 54
              Los Angeles Chargers01N/ASuper Bowl 29

              Super Bowl 55: NFC Odds

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                NFC East Odds

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                  What makes the NFC East division special? They’re the only division in the league to feature four teams that have all won the Lombardi Trophy.
                  NFC East TeamSuper Bowl ChampionshipsSB AppearancesLast SB ChampionshipLast SB Appearance
                  Dallas Cowboys58Super Bowl 30Super Bowl 30
                  New York Giants45Super Bowl 46Super Bowl 46
                  Washington35Super Bowl 26Super Bowl 26
                  Philadelphia Eagles13Super Bowl 52Super Bowl 52

                  NFC North Odds

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                    The Green Bay Packers lead the NFC North in the most recent futures odds, and all eyes will be on Aaron Rodgers, who was as surprised as everyone else when the Packers used their first draft pick to get Jordan Love – a young QB out of Utah State who’s been compared to Patrick Mahomes, but has also had some rough seasons.

                    NFC North TeamSuper Bowl ChampionshipsSB AppearancesLast SB ChampionshipLast SB Appearance
                    Green Bay Packers45Super Bowl 45Super Bowl 41
                    Chicago Bears12Super Bowl 20Super Bowl 46
                    Minnesota Vikings04N/ASuper Bowl 11
                    Detroit Lions00N/AN/A

                    NFC South Odds

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                      This division will now be considered a showdown between two aging star quarterbacks, as Drew Brees and Tom Brady squeeze every last drop of life out of their storied careers and become division rivals with Brady joining the Bucs earlier this year.
                      NFC South TeamSuper Bowl ChampionshipsSB AppearancesLast SB ChampionshipLast SB Appearance
                      New Orleans Saints11Super Bowl 44Super Bowl 44
                      Tampa Bay Buccaneers11Super Bowl 37Super Bowl 37
                      Atlanta Falcons02N/ASuper Bowl 51
                      Carolina Panthers02N/ASuper Bowl 50

                      NFC West Odds

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                        It’s not a surprise to see the San Francisco 49ers at the top of this list. They had a convincing Super Bowl run last season only to lose to Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs.

                        NFC West TeamSuper Bowl ChampionshipsSB AppearancesLast SB ChampionshipLast SB Appearance
                        San Francisco 49ers57Super Bowl 29Super Bowl 54
                        Los Angeles Rams14Super Bowl 34Super Bowl 53
                        Seattle Seahawks13Super Bowl 48Super Bowl 49
                        Arizona Cardinals01N/ASuper Bowl 43

                        Teams Who Have Never Won a Super Bowl

                        Twelve teams in the NFL have never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. Here’s a full list of the clubs who’ve never won a Super Bowl:

                        TeamYears in Super BowlSuper Bowl AppearancesClosest They’ve Come
                        Arizona Cardinals541Lost 27-23 to Pittsburgh in Super Bowl 43
                        Atlanta Falcons542Lost 34-28 in OT to the Patriots in Super Bowl 51
                        Buffalo Bills544Missed FG to lose 20-19 to the Giants in Super Bowl 25
                        Carolina Panthers252Lost 32-29 to Pats in Super Bowl 38
                        Cincinnati Bengals522Lost 20-16 to 49ers in Super Bowl 23
                        Cleveland Browns540Lost 23-20 in 1986 AFC Champ to DEN
                        Detroit Lions540Lost 41-10 in their only NFC Champ game
                        Houston Texans180Lost 20-13 to Ravens in 2011 AFC Divisional Round
                        Jacksonville Jaguars250Lost 24-20 to Patriots in 2017 AFC Champ game
                        Los Angeles Chargers541Lost 49-26 to 49ers in Super Bowl 29
                        Minnesota Vikings544Lost 16-6 to Steelers in Super Bowl 9
                        Tennessee Titans541Lost 23-16 to Rams in Super Bowl 34
                        The Tennessee Titans came close last season, making it all the way to the AFC Championship game, which they lost to the Chiefs, who went on to win Super Bowl 54

                        How to Bet on Super Bowl 55

                        The Super Bowl is one of the superlative sporting events of the year, and one of the most popular events to bet on. Whether you’re an experienced high roller, or a first time bettor trying to learn more about wagering on sports, Super Bowl betting the perfect way to get into the action.

                        When it comes to the Super Bowl, there are tons of different betting options available, from betting on which team will win, to betting on what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach. The latter is known as a prop bet, and you can learn more about Super Bowl prop betting here.