Wild Card Weekend Monday Morning GIF BLITZ!

Mike Schultz | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Wild Card weekend has come and gone with the field of 12 playoff teams now pared down to 8. Arizona broke a NFL record for ineptness by gaining 78 totals yards on offense against Carolina. The Steelers still can’t beat the Ravens in the playoffs. Cincinnati continues it’s Wild Card losing streak, bringing the total to 0-6 in their last six playoff appearances and the Lions got screwed by the refs in Dallas. Shocking! Looking to bet on the playoffs this year? Check out our NFL odds pages.

Here’s the best gifs of Wild Card Weekend:

In the battle of teams playing not-so-well, the Carolina Panthers managed to beat the Arizona Cardinals 16-27, turning several turnovers into points and taking advantage of Arizona’s inability to do anything right. Here’s a screen pass to Fozzy Whittaker that should have been about a 7 yard gain, but instead went for a 40 yard touchdown after several missed tackles by the Cardinals defense. Do you even defense, Arizona?

Even though the Cardinals really had no chance of winning the game if they scored on this play, they managed to entertain, losing close to 25 yards in desperation and creating this wonderful gif to be passed down from generation to generation. If played in reverse, this would look like a play for positive yardage. So, you’ve got that going for you, Arizona.

The Steelers and Ravens always provide for good football, being two of the better teams in the AFC for several years now. With the Steelers playing at home and the Ravens barely backing into the playoffs, you got the sense Pittsburgh would come out on top. Then again, when you’re making plays like this interception Terrell Suggs caught with his legs, things just might not be going your way. Someone’s been using their Thigh Master.

This was a common theme throughout the night; Roethlisberger being hounded by Baltimore’s defensive line. Ben somehow managed to escape the pass rush in this particular play, as we’ve seen him do so many times in his career, and complete a pass to Heath Miller turning what would have been a sack and a substantial loss of yardage into a first down instead. It wouldn’t be enough, though, as the Ravens would go on to beat the Steelers 30-17. I can’t tell if this is in slow motion or if Ben Roethlisberger is just really that slow.

The Bengals made their usual one-and-done Wild Card appearance against the Colts, losing 10-26 in Indianapolis. Andrew Luck was sharp for most of the game, completing some incredible passes, including this one to Donte Moncrief for a 36 yard touchdown while falling forward. Luck could not have placed the ball any better. Back in the day, ALL touchdown passes were completed while falling down. In snow. Uphill. Without shoes.

The Bengals had the misfortune of playing without their top receiver AJ Green who was sidelined by injury. Their offense struggled and only managed to find the end zone once on this one-yard touchdown run by Jeremy Hill. It doesn’t help that the Colts also have a great defense, further complicating things for Dalton and the Bengals offense. The offensive linemen are so considerate to let Hill finish his dance before congratulating him on his score.

The Lions and the Cowboys treated us to the weekend’s most exciting game. Early on, it looked like Detroit might run away with the game, jumping out to a two touchdown lead. The first of which came when Matt Stafford scrambled to avoid the rush and hit receiver Golden Tate for a 51 yard touchdown. According to my sources, no one was stepped on or stomped on this play.

But the Cowboys clawed their way back into the game, staring with this 76 yard touchdown from Tony Romo to Terrence Williams on 3rd and 12. The Lions would settle for field goals for the duration of the game, while the Cowboys completed the come-from-behind win, 20-24. Is there anything more annoying than when the Cowboys win?!