Super Bowl 50 MVP Odds Make Newton, Manning Favourites

Mike Schultz | Updated Jan 27, 2016


Odds are, if you aren’t a quarterback you won’t be named Super Bowl MVP, and this year’s cast of players likely to be crowned follows suit. In the last 15 years, nine winners of the award have been a quarterback. Of the six non-quarterbacks that managed to snag a Super Bowl MVP, half were defensive players including Ray Lewis in 2001 (Ravens), Dexter Jackson in 2003 (Buccaneers) and Malcolm Smith in 2013 (Seahawks) while the other half, Deion Branch in 2005 (Patriots), Hines Ward in 2006 (Steelers) and Santonio Holmes in 2009 (Steelers) were all receivers. Here’s the full list of Super Bowl 50 MVP odds:


Cam Newton -150: Since the Panthers are favored to win, it’s a no brainer that Newton would win the award by default unless a teammate does something spectacular.

Peyton Manning +350: If the Broncos win, it won’t be because of Manning’s play, but likely for the defense dominating. But how can you not give a guy a Super Bowl MVP farewell if it truly ends up being his last rodeo?

Jonathan Stewart +1600: The second best skill player on Carolina’s team will only see this award should the Panthers win after Newton’s throwing arm falls off.

Von Miller +1800: A Denver win prompted by 100 quarterback sacks still might not be enough to take the MVP honors away from Manning.

Greg Olsen +1800: A tight end has never won a Super Bowl MVP in the history of Super Bowls. Sorry, Greg.

Luke Kuechly +1800: Keuchly could be one game-saving interception or forced fumble away from the MVP at the linebacker position; similar to Malcolm Smith in Super Bowl XLVIII.

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