NFL Week 5 Monday Morning GIF BLITZ!

Mike Schultz | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Week 5 of the NFL season is in the books. There were several close games this week that put placekickers in the spotlight. Most notably, Detroit Lions kicker missed all three of his field goal attempts while Buffalo kicker Dan Carpenter nailed a game winner to beat Detroit in the closing seconds. One a hero, the other a complete goat an not likely to have a roster spot come Monday afternoon.

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We were treated to some incredible catches this week but even more goofy antics and broken plays gone awry. Let’s get to this weeks gifs.

San Diego made the Jets look like a high school team in a 31-0 shutout, the first of the 2014 season. It didn’t take long for the Chargers to get comfortable in the Jets backfield as Jarrett Johnson applies a huge hit on quarterback Geno Smith. Smith was benched after a dismal first half and replaced by Mike Vick, who also played terribly. You won’t need the helmet on the bench anyway, Geno.

Here’s LeSean McCoy channeling former teammate, Mike Vick, in a broken screen play against the St. Louis Rams that eventually ended in a fumble recovered by the Rams. St. Louis has started their rookie quarterback Austin Davis, who is making his case as a legitimate starter over two games in relief of Sam Bradford and Keenum Case, but was unable to hold off late in the game as the Eagles barely squeaked out with a 34-28 win at home. This would be a great play if the focus of the game were on yards and fumbles lost. A+

After a blowout win of the New England Patriots on Monday night, the Kansas City Chiefs were beaten by the San Francisco 49ers in a close game that featured a lot of defense and field goals. So many field goals. The shining moment of the game came after a Travis Kelce touchdown in which he pays tribute to WWE wrestler Ric Flair. If you aren’t doing the Ric Flair strut, I don’t want to know about you.

In the offseason, the NFL made “slam dunking” the football over the goalposts a flaggable offense, which has ruffled some of the player’s feathers. Here’s Lions receiver Golden Tate completely trolling a referee after a touchdown in their 17-14 loss to the Bills. Did Tate stop himself or did the ref’s stern dad face paralyze him? The force is strong with this one.

The Chargers came up big against a struggling Jets team, which means players on the winning sideline have a little more liberty to enjoy themselves. Here’s quarterback Phillip Rivers practicing his extended parade wave after going up on the Jets 31-0. Will someone please wave back at Phillip Rivers?

Peyton Manning completed the 500th touchdown pass of his career, putting him second all-time behind Brett Favre. The Broncos made quick work of the Arizona Cardinals who have struggled to find the answer at quarterback after Carson Palmer’s shoulder injury. Peyton poured on three more touchdown passes in a 41-20 shellacking at Mile High Stadium, but not before Peyton threw one of his rare interceptions. I don’t think tackling a linebacker head first is on the list of approved activity after having two spinal fusions.

New England bounced back in a big way on Sunday night against the Bengals after being blown out by Kansas City. Tom Brady was fired up after talks that his level of play might be slipping and came out firing in a 43-17 win. The ball was fired up, too, because it looks very hot. Too hot to hold. I’d hate to see how long it takes Brady and Edelman to decide where to go to dinner on the weekend.

Here’s Texans linebacker Justin Tuggle recovering a fumble and promptly trying to run it to his mother for approval during the Texans 17-20 over time loss to the Cowboys. Center Travis Frederick will not have it. Why Frederickson didn’t shake Tuggle down for his lunch money afterwards is beyond me.

Both the Bears and the Panthers turned the ball over three times in a sloppy game that would be won 31-24 by the Panthers. The Bears decided not to cover tight end Greg Olsen who had two touchdowns, including the game winner. Don’t worry, Chicago. At least Alshon Jeffery gave you this gem to cheer about. This would only be more impressive if Jeffery caught it with no arms.

Dallas had its fair share of impressive circus plays during their over time win against Houston, but Tony Romo evading J.J. Watt‘s pass rush and firing a 40 yard touchdown pass stood out, mostly because J.J. Watt is not human. This had to have been computer error. Romo forcing the ball downfield for a touchdown instead of an interception? Does not compute.

The Bills hold on to win against Detroit with a last second field goal. In the meantime, Sammy Watkins is making Kyle Orton look like a good option at quarterback as he hauls in a bad pass and turns it into a 20 yard gain. Not many rookie receivers produce so many highlight catches so early in their career. Someone get that man a Happy Meal. Orton, I’m looking at you.

Not to be upstaged, here’s human highlight reel Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons literally snatching this pass out of thin air against the New York Giants. The Falcons went up early, but the Giants scored 20 unanswered points to secure a 30-20 victory Matt Ryan probably owes Julio a Happy Meal, too.