Football Betting Square Shaped in Season Gone By

Frank Doyle | Updated Oct 04, 2017


A season of upsets has seen the little guy outdo the pros in football betting.

One of the most exciting seasons in pro football history will reach its crescendo when Pittsburgh meets Green Bay in Super Bowl XLV, and one online sportsbook notes that the casual bettor has never had it as good as he’s had it this year.

Sports Interaction has been taking bets on football since the sportsbook’s establishment in North America fourteen years ago, but the company has never seen a season quite like this.

“There were upset results every week of the 2010 season, right up into the first two weeks of the playoffs,” says Frank Doyle, a spokesman for Sports Interaction. “So what that means is that the NFL betting professionals suffered some bad beats, but the more casual interest bettors pulled off some really big coups.”

A season of upsets like the one gone by is good for the sportsbooks themselves – Doyle is coy on figures while readily admitting it’s been a good year for Sports Interaction – but for the causal bettor the unpredictability of the season has levelled the playing field.

“A lot of our bettors are just ordinary guys who don’t have time to crunch numbers or study game film the way a Vegas pro does,” explains Doyle. “They just like football and know a small bet makes it more fun.

“This has been a better year for the fun bettor because a lot of bets that sharps would have laughed at came in. We paid out on some big parlay winners this year. Sharps don’t bet parlays because the odds are so high but it’s the high price that makes fun bettors love them. We’ve done well out of this football season, and hope to do well in the Super Bowl too. There’s no bigger event for the casual interest bettor and we’ll have lots of cool bets for them.”