Houston Texans Transactions

player pos description date
Scottie Phillips RB Cut RB Scottie Phillips. 06/17
Scottie Phillips RB Waived RB Scottie Phillips. 06/16
Dominik Eberle K Cut K Dominik Eberle. 06/14
Dominik Eberle K Waived K Dominik Eberle. 06/13
Carson Green OL Acquired T Carson Green off waivers from the Houston Texans. 06/06
Carson Green OL Waived T Carson Green. 06/03
Brett Hundley QB Signed QB Brett Hundley. 05/26
Jimmy Moreland CB Acquired DB Jimmy Moreland off waivers from the Houston Texans. 05/23
Jordan Veasy WR Signed WR Jordan Veasy. 05/20
Jimmy Moreland CB Waived DB Jimmy Moreland. 05/20
Ron'Dell Carter DL Cut DE Ron'Dell Carter. 05/17
DeMarcus Walker DL Signed DE DeMarcus Walker. 05/16
Eric Wilson LB Signed LB Eric Wilson. 05/16
Ron'Dell Carter DL Waived DE Ron'Dell Carter. 05/16
Sam Cooper OL Cut G Sam Cooper. 05/04
Lonnie Johnson Jr. DB Acquired DB Lonnie Johnson Jr. from the Houston Texans for a conditional 2024 seventh-round draft pick. 05/03
Scottie Phillips RB Placed RB Scottie Phillips on IR. 05/03
Sam Cooper OL Waived OL Sam Cooper. 05/03
Tytus Howard OL Exercised the fifth-year team option on T Tytus Howard for the 2022 season. 05/02
Scottie Phillips RB Waived RB Scottie Phillips. 05/02