Atlanta Falcons Transactions

player pos description date
Dom Maggio P Cut P Dom Maggio. 07/01
Steven Means LB Signed DE Steven Means to a one-year, $1.13 million contract. 06/17
Austin Trammell WR Cut WR Austin Trammell. 06/17
Austin Trammell WR Waived WR Austin Trammell. 06/16
Willie Beavers G Signed T Willie Beavers. 06/14
Mike Pennel NT Signed DB Mike Pennel. 06/14
Jason Spriggs T Signed T Jason Spriggs. 06/10
Jonathan Bullard DL Signed DE Jonathan Bullard to a one-year, $990,000 contract. 06/02
Tuzar Skipper LB Signed LB Tuzar Skipper to a one-year, $895,000 contract. 06/02
Rashaad Coward T Cut T Rashaad Coward. 06/02
John Cominsky DL Acquired DT John Cominsky off waivers from the Atlanta Falcons. 05/31
Fabian Moreau CB Signed DB Fabian Moreau. 05/31
John Cominsky DL Waived DT John Cominsky. 05/26
Josh Andrews OL Signed G Josh Andrews. 05/18
Luther Kirk DB Acquired DB Luther Kirk off waivers from the Atlanta Falcons. 05/17
Chad Hansen WR Cut WR Chad Hansen. 05/17
Daniel Helm TE Cut TE Daniel Helm. 05/17
Christian Blake WR Signed WR Christian Blake. 05/16
Kendall Sheffield DB Acquired DB Kendall Sheffield off waivers from the Atlanta Falcons. 05/16
Luther Kirk DB Waived DB Luther Kirk. 05/16