Twins at Yankees Weekend Preview

Frank Doyle | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Frank Doyle looks forward to the Twins’ visit to the Bronx this weekend.

Tampa Bay has the best record in the American League right now at 24-10 but the Yankees and Twins aren’t far behind at 22-12 each. How strange, then, that there seems a definite lack of confidence in either camp on the eve of this weekend’s series in the Bronx.

The Yankees’ woes are based on the Bombers’ mounting injury list, and the fact that they struggled against the Tigers during the week. On the plus side for the Yankees is the fact that they are the Yankees – the team with the deepest pockets in baseball isn’t going to run out of players anytime soon.

Star players may slump but men like Mark Teixeira or A-Rod don’t turn into goats overnight. The New York media needs to take some deep breaths and long walks in Central Park every now and again.

The Twins’ problems run a little deeper. Minnesota went 0-10 against the Yankees last year, and have lost seven straight regular season games in the Bronx, dating back to 2007. Baseball players are the most superstitious of all athletes in all the major sports, and the Twins will be all too aware of that record. They need to make something happen.

The series starts tonight with two pitchers who are hoping to get over some rough treatment last time out. The Twins Francisco Liriano, 4-1, 2.36 ERA, got smacked around Camden Yards in Baltimore while he Yankees’ AJ Burnett 4-1, 3.40 ERA had another bad day at Fenway Park. But both men have had six days’ rest since and should be able to give of their all tonight.

On Saturday, the Twins’ Scott Baker, 4-2, 4.57 ERA, pitches against the Yankees’ Andy Pettitte, 4-0, 2.08 ERA. Pettitte is coming off an elbow injury and if it’s still bothering him this is a real chance for the Twins’ behind the rock-steady Scott Baker.

The pitching matchup hasn’t been announced for Sunday yet but if the Twins’ haven’t split by Sunday they will be looking good – or bad, from your perspective – for the sweep. Not only have the Twins’ historically struggled in the Bronx but the Yankees are 10-2 at home this year. All these things add up and that’s why the Yankees are the MLB betting favorites for this series.