Red Sox at Yankees Highlight of Super Baseball Betting Weekend

Frank Doyle | Updated May 13, 2011

Frank Doyle looks forward to all the weekend series – Red Sox at Yankees, Phillies at Braves and St Louis at Cincinnati!


San Francisco Giants at Chicago Cubs. The Giants are on a six game winning steak and they can carry that on through Wrigleyville, where the Cubs continue to struggle. Madison Bumgarner may even claim his first win today – he’s 0-5, 4.21 ERA

Florida at Washington. Advantage Washington.

St Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds. The Cards and the Reds are the highest scoring teams in baseball right now – taking the over looks a good baseball betting tactic in this one.

Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves. Atlanta won two of three in Philly last weekend but it seems to have taken something out of the Braves, who struggled against Washington this week. The Phillies are clearly the best team in baseball and every time you look at the pitching staff it gets more intimidating. Philly is the pick.

New York Mets at Houston Astros. The Mets have been doing ok this week. Of course, you’d want to be doing pretty bad to be worried about a trip to Houston.

Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers have been just awful recently but they can turn it around this weekend. Yovani Gallardo starts for them tonight, and Zach Greinke makes his second home start on Sunday.

San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies. The Rockies are on the slide after a good early start. The Padres have been rotten all year.

Arizona Diamondbacks at LA Dodgers. Andre Ethier’s hit streak finished at 30 last Saturday at the Mets. So he did want anyone would do – he started again. He’s hit in four straight and counting before the this weekend’s series against the snakes.


Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees. The chief reaction to Derek Jeter’s return to form in New York was to start worrying about A-Rod. Right now, Boston wishes that was all it had to worry about. Bucholz faces Colon tonight, Beckett against Sabathia is the boy-oh-boy matchup on Saturday and on Sunday it’s Lester against Garcia.

Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers. The Royals and the Tigers are the third and fourth highest scoring teams in the Major Leagues right now. Who would have thought it? Justin Verlander returns to the hill in Detroit tonight after his no-hitter at Toronto.

Seattle Mariners at Cleveland Indians. The Indians are for real. The Mariners sure do enjoy nice coffee up there in the Northwest.

Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays are top of the AL East. They started 1-8, they’re 21-7 since. Baltimore aren’t winning this one.

LA Angels at Texas Rangers. The Angels are 12-7 on the road, the Rangers are 13-8 at home. The Angels are the best baseball betting prospect here.

Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins. Minnesota’s really gone into the tank this year.

Chicago White Sox at Oakland A’s. The White Sox showed signs of life last year but it’s hard to see the White Sox summon the offense to win at Oakland.