A CFL Version of Madden?

Al Dannity | Updated Sep 14, 2012

On Thursday we posted an image to our Facebook page of a doctored video game cover for a ‘CFL 2014’ game. The original image was found on Reddit and while EA has no plans to add CFL to its catalogue, the idea of a CFL game for Xbox or Wii got Al Dannity thinking.

It’s not too small a market No really, it isn’t. The easiest slight to make against a possible EA or 2K Sports game for CFL would be that there isn’t enough interest. The immediate rally of support on our Facebook page would argue against that, as would the continued growth of the league across Canada. EA have gone small before, most notably with their NCAA Baseball games and Arena Football game in the last decade. While a year-in year-out game probably wouldn’t have a market, there is enough interest there for a game every few years to generate significant sales.

Think of the history The standard play mode of the current CFL would be great on its own. Touches like Touchdown Atlantic would add to the authenticity while the Ottawa team could be available to fans before they even take a snap. Let’s look back into the past as well. The expansion into the United States may have flopped but adding the Baltimore Stallions and Shreveport Pirates to the mix would enable fans to relive an exciting time in the league. Even Ottawa’s previous teams, the Rough Riders and the Renegades could fit in. Sure licencing may be an issue but if we’re going to dream, let’s dream big.

A Madden update? One idea mentioned on Facebook yesterday was to include the CFL in the standard Madden game. This would likely generate some hostility in the United States and the NFL probably wouldn’t be too keen on splitting rights fees but there could be a middle ground. Making a CFL add-on available as downloadable content from the likes of the Xbox Live store would mean traditional Madden fans won’t be annoyed while CFL fans could be overjoyed. Playing your buddies online for the Super Bowl is great but wouldn’t it be fantastic to play those same friends for the Grey Cup? Making it an add-on could open up the CFL to a whole new market of gamers. This is our game but this would be a great way to share it with the world. It may only be a pipe dream but hopefully somebody in EA realises the opportunity out there just waiting for them.

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