Will Antonio Cromartie and Rex Ryan’s Trash Talk Backfire?

Al Dannity | Updated Oct 04, 2017

The New York Jets haven’t stopped talking about the personal nature of this weekend’s clash with the Patriots but Al Dannity doesn’t think all the trash talk will have an impact on the game.

Ryan is a breath of fresh air In an era where those that run the NFL seem convinced on enforcing a reputation as the No Fun League, Rex Ryan is a retaliatory strike for people that like to party. He is Bluto, the rowdy member of Delta Tau Chi determined to not let any double-secret probation get in his way. In terms of demeanor, his nearest NFL equivalent is Abe Gibron. Unlike the former Bears’ coach, Ryan has built the Jets into a unit that can compete with anyone in the NFL. In a heated rivalry with the Patriots, it would have been insulting for Ryan to change his tune and act humble this week. Instead he came out and said he thought this game was personal. Whether you love him or loathe him, Ryan was nothing if not honest.

Bulletin board baloney While psychology and mind games have their place in sports, the barbs uttered by Ryan and Antonio Cromartie shouldn’t make a difference in this affair. If the New England Patriots actually need extra motivation for a game against a team they detest in the playoffs then they need serious help. The Patriots were always going to come out and play tough on Sunday; nothing anybody on the Jets said would change that. The Jets’ players will not be worried about firing up the Pats, they know what to expect. Super Bowl betting fans shouldn’t let whatever is said this week sway their choices.

Cromartie would have been targeted anyway Antonio Cromartie really doesn’t like Tom Brady. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will bore viewers to tears with incessant comments about how Brady might make Cromartie pay for his words. They will most likely feel somewhat vindicated for saying this when they notice Brady targeting Cromartie over and over again. There’s just one problem with this logic. If Cromartie had kept his mouth shut or even come out and said Brady was a great quarterback noted for saving kittens stuck in trees, the Patriots would still have picked on him. New England’s choice is between targeting a cornerback that suffered in large part this season or else traversing Revis Island. Cromartie will get picked on and it will have nothing to do with what he said, it’s just common sense.

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