Will Vince Young's Strip Club Brawl Video Cost Tennessee?

Frank Doyle | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Frank Doyle thinks that Vince Young’s strip club fight is trouble that Tennessee head coach Jeff Fisher does not need.

Tennessee suffered a year of trauma last year. The Titans were shocked by the untimely violent death of their iconic former quarterback Steve McNair and followed up a 13-3 2008 season with a 0-6 start in 2009, before righting the ship to finish 8-8. The Tennessee second-half recovery was thanks to running back Chris Johnson, named AP’s Offensive Player of the Year last year, but it would be a mistake to underestimate Young’s contribution when he took over the offense from Kerry Collins at quarterback.

The last thing Jeff Fisher wanted to hear in the offseason was that his quarterback received a misdemeanour assault citation after a punch up in a strip club at 3.30 in the AM. Michigan’s iconic coach of the 1970s Bo Schembechler liked to remark that nothing good ever happens after midnight. Fisher will know exactly how he feels as he watches footage of the brawl.

Tennessee is a +2800 NFL betting longshot for the Super Bowl. The reason for that is because the Titans are in the same division as Indianapolis, and the Colts are currently the clear favorite for Super Bowl XLV in Dallas next February.

If the Titans want to win the Super Bowl, the path goes through Indianapolis. No two ways about it. Houston is also in the division and, while Houston has consistently flattered to deceive every year, Fisher would be a fool to take the Texans for granted. And Fisher is no fool.

Chris Johnson is the key to the Titans’ offense, but Young’s ability to make something out of nothing keeps defenses honest. Balanced offenses win games in the NFL.

Young is unlikely to face any further trouble with the law over this incident. The charge is minor, the equivalent of a bad speeding ticket, and a Texas judge is unlikely to come down hard on a man for not being to take the Longhorns being dissed (which is allegedly what triggered the fight in the first place).

But Roger Goodell has exercised a zero tolerance attitude to player misconduct which means he may suspend Young on principle. This means that the Titans could conceivably start their season against the rebuilding Raiders on September 12 with either the 37 year old Kerry Collins under center or else journeyman Chris Simms. The brightest thing about those prospects is that Simms was a Longhorn too. Other than that, this is not a happy Monday Morning for Jeff Fisher or the Tennessee Titans.