Tim Tebow, Kyle Wilson and Dez Bryant Prove Most Interesting Picks in 2010 Draft

Al Dannity | Updated Oct 04, 2017

Tim Tebow and the Broncos stole the show in the first round of the NFL draft but the Kyle Wilson and Dez Bryant may make more headlines once the season gets under way. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em drafting Al Davis just had to be the one to start the madness with, of all things, an act of sanity. With workout wonders, physical freaks, and prima donnas in waiting the norm for an Oakland draft, the Raiders made the un-Davis like decision to select at a position of need and go for NFL-ready Rolando McClain. This was just the start of the show. Jacksonville up the ante with the shocks  when they picked Tyson Alualu at 10. Ted Ginn will likely be on the phone to the new Jaguar to counsel him on how to handle a fan-base unhappy with a high pick going on an unpopular choice.

Not looking to be outdone by their Bay Area rivals the 49ers moved into headline territory by using two picks on offensive lineman, drafting Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati. The story was far from over however as just when it looked like the wild moves had ended, Josh McDaniels played the Tim Tebow card. Denver moved up to get a second first round pick to grab the Florida Gator and guarantee everyone would be talking about the Broncos this morning.

Bargains even in the first round Outside of the St Louis front office there can be few happier people in New York right now than Rex Ryan. Kyle Wilson could have gone to Cleveland as the seventh pick and there were a few other points along the way where the Jets front office, especially when AFC East rivals New England chose Devin McCourty, must have been sweating. Getting Wilson at 29 is an absolute steal and the Boise State star will slot in perfectly alongside Darrelle Revis, a move which will shake up NFL betting in 2010.

The other pick that fell nicely was Dez Bryant. The most talented receiver in the draft fell to the Cowboys at 24, with suitors such as the Bengals and Broncos both passing on the Oklahoma State phenomenon. Bryant had his off the field issues but compared to some of the risks taken by NFL teams, the decision not to choose the wide receiver could haunt franchises in years to come.

Keep an eye on… The St Louis Rams for one. With the opening pick of a talent-rich second round the Rams could be inundated with offers from teams looking to move up so they can claim Jimmy Clausen or Sergio Kindle. Legitimate first round talents like Arrelious Benn, Carlos Dunlap, Golden Tate, and Taylor Mays could be still available well into the 40s or even 50s.

The depth at quarterback will continue well past the second round. Colt McCoy could still be on the board in the third, fourth, or even the fifth round. Jevan Snead will stay on the board until late in the draft, as will Tony Pike, Dan LeFevour, and Max Hall. There are around six more quarterbacks in the draft who could also fit as wildcat options.

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