The Andy Reid Lottery: What's the Best Fit For Reid?

Frank Doyle | Updated Jan 03, 2013


Everybody in the NFL community knew that Andy Reid was running out of runway as the Philadelphia Eagles came down the stretch of another disappointing season. It was a shock to nobody when Reid was handed his pink slip earlier this week and it was no surprise that a number of teams expressed interest in Reid immediately thereafter.

Reports indicate that Reid met with the Kansas City Chiefs for more than nine hours in Philadelphia on Wednesday and ESPN reports the two parties are on the verge of agreeing to a deal. Other reports indicate Reid plans to meet with a number of other teams before making his decision. Reid had reportedly planned to travel to Arizona to meet with the Cardinals late Wednesday, but word had it he was heading to Kansas City Thursday morning. The Chiefs fired Romeo Crennel Monday after the Chiefs finished 2-14.

USA Today refuted the earlier ESPN report Thursday, claiming Reid will also meet with the Cardinals and the San Diego Chargers, so this saga may be far from finished yet.

The Eagles’ struggles were well documented this season. They went 4-12 after many pundits predicted a playoff appearance and the club’s offence was terrible, producing just 17.5 points per game (29th) and allowing 27.8 points per contest (30th). Michael Vick was a disaster behind an offensive line and Reid was repeatedly criticised for failing to get running back LeSean McCoy the ball more.

If he does end up with the Chiefs, his main hurdle will be getting Matt Cassel to produce like an elite quarterback consistently. Cassel, who signed a monster $63-million deal back in 2009, threw just six touchdowns compared to just 12 interceptions last year and knows he might be out of Kansas City regardless who comes on to coach.

“It has been a long season, no doubt about that,” Cassel told “Once the season is over, it’s always nice to be able to step back and reflect on everything. You get back with your family, think about everything, and then you start to think about working toward the next season.”

If anyone has a chance to “fix” Cassel, it may be Reid. And it’s not like the Chiefs don’t have some pieces to work with. Jamaal Charles had a remarkable bounce-back year off his injury and Dwayne Bowe could be franchised to give Cassel at least one relatively dependable receiver. Whether that’s enough to make the Chiefs competitive is debatable, but it seems as though they have Reid at the top of the pecking order.

Of course, this could all fall apart at any time, opening the door for the Cardinals or Chargers, but Kansas City seems like a better fit.