Super Bowl XXVIII-XXXVI: Epic Teams, Epic Games

Frank Doyle | Updated Feb 04, 2012


Dallas and Green Bay, two of the storied names in the League, returned from relative obscurity to win Super Bowls. Brett Favre electrified the League with his gunslinger approach and the sheer joy he took from playing the game, while the Cowboys triplets set the standard everyone else had to reach in the 1990s.

San Francisco won its last Super Bowl, this time with Steve Young instead of Joe Montana at quarterback, and Denver proved that maybe there is a second act in American life as John Elway collected two rings before riding off into the sunset. Kurt Warner and the Greatest Show on Turf won and lost two epic Super Bowls, and the Patriot dynasty was born.

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Super Bowl XXVIII
Dallas 30-13 Buffalo
January 20, 1994. Atlanta, GA
Dallas covered as a -1.5 point favorite.
Emmet Smith was named MVP as Dallas won its second straight and the Bills lost their fourth straight Super Bowl.
Super Bowl XXIX
San Francisco 49-26 San Diego
January 29, 1995. Miami, FL
San Francisco covered as a -18 point favorite.
San Diego was a surprise AFC Champion but there was no stopping Steve Young and the 49ers, who covered a huge sports betting number with ease.
Super Bowl XXX
Dallas 27-17 Pittsburgh
January 28, 1996. Tempe, AZ
Pittsburgh covered as a 13.5 point underdog.
Dallas won three out of four and cemented its place as the dynasty of the early 90s.
Super Bowl XXXI
Green Bay 35-21 New England
January 26, 1997. New Orleans, LA
Super Bowl XXXI was a push.
Green Bay won its third Super Bowl 34 years after its first, lead by a gunslinging quarterback called Brett Favre.
Super Bowl XXXII
Denver 31-24 Green Bay
January 25, 1998. San Diego, CA
Denver covered as an 11.5 point underdog
John Elway and the Broncos put all those disappointments of the 80s behind them with a huge upset win over the World Champions.
Super Bowl XXXIII
Denver 34-19 Atlanta
January 31, 1999. Miami, FL
Denver covered as a -7.5 point favorite.
The Broncos proved that last year wasn't a fluke by winning and covering the .NFL betting line against Atlanta. Elway retired after the game, his place in Canton booked.
Super Bowl XXXIV
Rams 23-16 Tennessee
January 30, 2000. Atlanta, GA
Super Bowl XXXIV was a push.
Kurt Warner went all the way from being a grocery store bagger to NFL and Super Bowl MVP in one year. There's never been a story in sports like it.
Super Bowl XXXV
Baltimore Ravens 34-7 NY Giants
January 28, 2001. Tampa, FL
Baltimore Ravens covered as a -3 point favorite.
The Giants upset the 15-1 Vikings in the playoffs, but they had no answer to Ray Lewis and the Baltimore defense.
Super Bowl XXXVI
New England 20-17 Rams
February 03, 2002. New Orleans, LA
New England covered as a 14 point underdog
The birth of a dynasty as the Patriots shook the football world to its foundations. Only Namath and the Jets was a bigger upset in Super Bowl history.