Super Bowl XXXVII-XLV: The Patriot Years

Frank Doyle | Updated Feb 05, 2012


Old faces and new faces – Pittsburgh won its fifth and sixth Super Bowls while the Buccaneers their first. The Colts their first since leaving Baltimore, while Green Bay won its fourth.

But the past nine years have been about the Patriots. New England was a two touchdown underdog against the Greatest Show on Turf but the Rams were outcoached and Adam Vinatieri made the winning field goal that founded a dynasty. Carolina stretched the Patriots, while the Eagles were brave but limited. And then the Giants did to the Patriots what the Patriots did to the Rams, ending the Perfect Season in one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. Wouldn’t it be great to see a rematch of that game again?

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Super Bowl XXXVII-XLV: The Patriot Years
Super Bowl XXXVII
Tampa Bay 48-21 Oakland
January 26, 2003. San Diego, CA
Tampa Bay covered as a 3.5 point underdog
The Buccaneers tore the Raiders assunder in San Diego. Oakland has never been the same since.
Super Bowl XXXVIII
New England 32-29 Carolina
February 01, 2004. Houston, TX
Carolina covered as a 7 point underdog.
One of the most thrilling Super Bowls in history but Jake Delhomme having the game of his life wasn?t enough to bring the Super Bowl to Carolina.
Super Bowl XXXIX
New England 24-21 Philadelphia
February 06, 2005. Jacksonville, FL
Philadelphia covered as a 7 point underdog.
The Patriots won their third out of four and became the team of the decade.
Super Bowl XL
Pittsburgh 21-10 Seattle
February 05, 2006. Detroit, MI
Pittsburgh covered as a -4 point favorite.
The Steelers' won their fifth Super Bowl and announed their return to football's highest level.
Super Bowl XLI
Indianapolis 29-17 Chicago
February 04, 2007. Miami, FL
Indianapolis covered as a -6.5 point NFL betting favorite.
Devin Hester's kickoff return scared them but the Colts ground down the Bears to win Peyton Manning his first ring.
Super Bowl XLII
NY Giants 17-14 New England
February 03, 2008. Phoenix, AZ
NY Giants covered as a 12.5 point underdog
The Giants did to New England what New England did to the Rams six years earlier in one of the biggest shocks in Super Bowl history.
Super Bowl XLIII
Pittsburgh 27-23 Arizona
February 01, 2009. Tampa, FL
Arizona covered as a 6.5 point underdog.
The Steelers won their second Super Bowl in four years but the Cardinals' won a lot of admiration in Kurt Warner's final game.
Super Bowl XLIV
New Orleans 31-17 Indianapolis
February 07, 2010. Miami, FL
New Orleans covered as a 4.5 point underdog
Aints no more as the Saints stunned the online betting favorite Colts in Miami.
Super Bowl XLV
Green Bay 31-25 Pittsburgh
February 06, 2011. Arlington, TX
Green Bay covered as a -2.5 point favorite.
Green Bay looked forward to the birth of a new dynasty as Aaron Rodgers dismantled the Steel Curtain.