Super Bowl XLVII: Giving Props to Super Bowl 2013 Odds

Frank Doyle | Updated Feb 01, 2013


Place Your Bets: Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Coin Toss, Gatorade

If there’s one thing that the Super Bowl does best, it’s excess. With the parties, the superstars, the food, and the media saturating the single-biggest North American sports event of the year, nothing is too big. Everybody loves the Super Bowl. Heck, LeBron James of all people is furious he has to beat up on the Toronto Raptors Sunday afternoon and will be on a plane back to Miami when the game is going on before the Heat host the Bobcats Monday night. Them’s the breaks, LeBron. For veteran Super Bowl viewers/partiers, the key to Sunday’s festivities is all about two things: 1) selection and 2) self-control. That couldn’t be more fitting when it comes to Super Bowl betting.

The Appetizers

There are plenty of betting options to dip into long before the opening kick, but pick your spots and get a pile of copies of this Super Bowl pool sheet ready. Sure you can put a few bucks down on the coin flip, but you’re better off doing some research into other prop bets available. Take the National Anthem – no please, really, take it away for good – featuring Alicia Keys. She’s everywhere right now. Earlier this week she swapped her iPhone to become BlackBerry’s new global creative director in a move the underlines RIM’s desperation. Keys also has a new album out, so you know she’s going to milk her time on the Super Bowl stage for everything it’s worth. Bet on her going over 130 seconds in her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

While you may rather spending half time of the game around the buffet table, Beyonce’s performance will be worth a quick look if nothing else. Odds are favouring her to wear a headset during her performance – that’s the rage after all – but I see her taking the stage with an old fashioned hand mic. Take a quick search on the Internet and see how many shots you see of Beyonce with a headset, compare those to her with a mic and do the math.

The Main Course

After breaking down every week of NFL action this season, I’m not going to get into the Xs and Os here. If you like fairy tales that end with a happy ending, you’re betting on the Baltimore Ravens. If you like betting the better team, you’re betting the San Francisco 49ers. Personally, I’m too old for fairy tales.


When the final seconds tick off it’s all over but the crying, the confetti, and the Gatorade shower. Honestly, if you’re betting on the colour of liquid being poured over the winning coach, you’re probably reaching to make some money back. In that case, go with clear. With 55-member teams plus coaching staffs, what are the odds everybody’s going to like the same flavour?