Super Bowl XLV: Turnovers Help Green Bay to Victory

Al Dannity | Updated Oct 04, 2017

Aaron Rodgers was the MVP but Al Dannity says the Packers’ defense deserve a lot of credit for their victory in Super Bowl XLV.

Packers make Pittsburgh pay Three turnovers accounted for 21 of the Packers points in Super Bowl XLV. While giving up big chunks of yardage at times, Green Bay’s opportunistic streak came to the fore when it mattered on Sunday night. Nick Collins made an excellent read to turn his pick into a touchdown in the first quarter. The second pick was the fault of Roethlisberger who foolishly threw into traffic. The Packers turned that into another 7 points thanks to a Greg Jennings-touchdown catch. The biggest turnover undoubtedly came in the final quarter as Clay Matthews forced a fumble from Rashard Mendenhall which Desmond Bishop recovered. Prior to the fumble, Mendenhall had a shot at MVP honors but instead the Packers swiftly turned his error into another Jennings touchdown.

Rodgers overcomes early jitters It took Aaron Rodgers some time to settle into this game. While it would have been too much to expect the record-breaking accuracy on display earlier in the playoffs, his first few calls showed nerves. The Green Bay quarterback was determined to establish the deep ball early but Pittsburgh didn’t bite. Once Rodgers started mixing up his passes, with quite a few give and go plays, he quickly found a rhythm.

There were one or two moments where he was rattled but he finished with a dominant line of 24 of 39 for 304 yards with 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. The defense gave him a platform to attack the Steelers and Rodgers took it with open arms. Indeed the stat line would have been even better were it not for the open arms of some of his receivers. Jordy Nelson accounted for 140 yards on 9 receptions but he also had 3 drops. James Jones only had 1 drop but it was a particularly awful one as he missed out on a near-certain touchdown. It didn’t matter in the end as Rodgers did more than enough to be named MVP. NFL betting fans know what he’s going to do next.

Closer mentality seals title Pittsburgh’s victory in Super Bowl XLIII was decided on a two minute drill where Ben Roethlisberger led one of the most memorable drives in Super Bowl history. Despite missing their best cornerback for most of the game, the Packers came up big in pass defense when Big Ben tried to repeat the feat on Sunday. Despite having one of the most diverse receiver sets in the league, Pittsburgh went 4-and-out on their last drive. The Packers looked to kill the drive and kill it early. The Steelers never even got out of their half. That’s the approach a champion takes. You don’t wait around for destiny, you hunt it down and make it bend to your will. That’s what Green Bay did last night and that’s why Packers are waking up this morning as Super Bowl champions.