Super Bowl XIX-XXVII: The West Coast Era

Frank Doyle | Updated Feb 03, 2012


Super Bowl XIX was set up as the first skirmish between the two great quarterbacks of the 1980s, Dan Marino and Joe Montana. It turned out to be Marino’s single appearance in a Super Bowl, and proof of just how thin the line can be. That San Francisco win over Miami was the start of thirteen straight wins for the NFC, which is an incredible streak and a NFL betting nightmare for sportsbooks.

The 49ers, Bears, Giants, Redskins and Cowboys all won rings, while the hapless Broncos and Bills lost multiple Super Bowls. Some games were whippings, but more games were closer than people think – none more so than Super Bowl XXV, when Scott Norwood’s wide right kick was the nearest a great Bills team would ever get to the Promised Land.

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Super Bowl XIX-XXVII
Super Bowl XIX
San Francisco 38-16 Miami
January 20, 1985. Tampa, FL
San Francisco covered as a -3 point NFL gambling favorite.
The showdown between Montana and Marino, the two best quarterbacks in the League, wasn't even close. Marino would never reach the big stage again.
Super Bowl XX
Chicago 46-10 New England
January 26, 1986. New Orleans, LA
Chicago covered as a -10 point favorite
There have been bigger winner margins, but very few Super Bowls have been won as comprehensively as the '85 Bears win over the hapless Patriots.
Super Bowl XXI
NY Giants 39-20 Denver
January 25, 1987. Pasadena, CA
NY Giants covered as a -8.5 point favorite.
John Elway made his name with The Drive in Cleveland in the playoffs, but not even Elway had an answer for Giants team that easily covered a big NFL betting line.
Super Bowl XXII
Washington 42-10 Denver
January 31, 1988. San Diego, CA
Washington covered as a 3 point underdog
Doug Williams lead the Redskins to their second World Championship and the Broncos' second straight defeat.
Super Bowl XXIII
San Francisco 20-16 Cincinnati
January 22, 1989. Miami, FL
Cincinnati covered as a 7 point underdog
The second best Super Bowl of them all. "Hey, is that John Candy in the crowd?"
Super Bowl XXIV
San Francisco 55-10 Denver
January 28, 1990. New Orleans, LA
San Francisco covered as a -11.5 point favorite.
Denver's third loss in three years, Joe Montana's fourth ring and a huge win against thesports betting lines.
Super Bowl XXV
NY Giants 20-19 Buffalo
January 27, 1991. Tampa, FL
NY Giants covered as a 6.5 point underdog
Wide right!
Super Bowl XXVI
Washington 37-24 Buffalo
January 26, 1992. Minneapolis, MN
Washington covered as a -7.5 point NFL gambling favorite.
The Redskins ran up a 24-0 lead and the Bills' just couldn't reel them back in.
Super Bowl XXVII
Dallas 52-17 Buffalo
January 31, 1993. Pasadena, CA
Dallas covered as a -6 point favorite.
The Bills lost their third straight while Dallas began the restoration of its reputation as America's team.