Super Bowl X-XVIII: The NFL Replaces Baseball as the National Pastime

Frank Doyle | Updated Feb 03, 2012


Football’s golden age was the 1970s. It was when the NFL overtook the NCAA as the premier expression of the gridiron game. The Steelers, Raiders and Cowboys all won Super Bowls, while Bud Grant’s Vikings became the first team to go 0-4 in Super Bowls.

The ‘eighties saw more change, as the Raiders moved to LA, Washington won a strike-shortened season in 1982 and San Francisco emerged with a new brand of football. Bill Walsh first used the West Coast offense in the Midwest, when Walsh was an assistant at the Bengals in the last ‘sixties, but it was in San Francisco that the world saw its full effect as the 49ers dominated their era and football would never be about three yards and a cloud of dust again.

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Super Bowl X-XVIII
Super Bowl X
Pittsburgh 21-17 Dallas
January 18, 1976. Miami, FL
Dallas covered as a 7 point underdog.
The great Lynn Swann's 161 receiving yards helped Pittsburgh to its second World Championship in one of the great Super Bowls.
Super Bowl XI
Raiders 32-14 Minnesota
January 09, 1977. Pasadena, CA
Raiders covered as a -4 point favorite.
After being so long in the shadow of the Steelers, John Madden's Raiders won their first Super Bowl and the cursed Vikings had to endure their fourth loss.
Super Bowl XII
Dallas 27-10 Denver
January 15, 1978. New Orleans, LA
Dallas covered as a -6 point favorite.
Dallas got the Super Bowl it deserved with a comprehensive win over Denver. The Broncos had beaten the two previous winners to get to New Orleans, but the Cowboys proved a bridge too far.
Super Bowl XIII
Pittsburgh 35-31 Dallas
January 21, 1979. Miami, FL
Pittsburgh covered as a -3.5 point favorite.
Pittsburgh edged out Dallas once more in the game billed as the Battle of Champions between the two great rivals of football in the 1970s.
Super Bowl XIV
Pittsburgh 31-19 Rams
January 20, 1980. Pasadena, CA
Pittsburgh covered as a -10.5 point NFL betting favorite.
The Steel Curtain's final Super Bowl came in a come-from-behind win over the LA Rams.
Super Bowl XV
Raiders 27-10 Philadelphia
January 25, 1981. New Orleans, LA
Raiders covered as a 3 point underdog
Oakland won its second Super Bowl, upsetting Dick Vermeil and the fancied Philadelphia Eagles.
Super Bowl XVI
San Francisco 26-21 Cincinnati
January 24, 1982. Pontiac, MI
San Francisco covered as a -1 point favorite.
The birth of the greatest team of the 'eighties and a style of football that would revolutionise the game, in both college and professional level.
Super Bowl XVII
Washington 27-17 Miami
January 30, 1983. Pasadena, CA
Washington covered as a 3 point underdog
John Riggins and the Hogs bulldozed their way through the Dolphins to be crowned World Champions after the strike-shortened 1982 season.
Super Bowl XVIII
Raiders 38-9 Washington
January 22, 1984. Miami, FL
Raiders covered as a 3 point underdog
Marcus Allen. The Redskins, who had been sports betting favorites before the game, never knew what hit them.