Super Bowl Odds on the "Mane Event"

Frank Doyle | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Sports Interaction is offering bets that players will stop at nothing to win Super Bowl XLV – even pulling each other’s hair.

Both Green Bay’s Clay Matthews and Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu are famous for long hair flowing below their helmets, but those locks are just going to look like something extra to grab onto in Dallas on Sunday.

Sports Interaction makes Polamalu favorite at +600 to get held by the hair during the Super Bowl, Matthews +800 and neither man’s hair being taken advantage of the most likely option at -625.

Blocking below the knees is a fifteen yard penalty, and so is a horse collar tackle. But if you complain about your hair being pulled you just get called a crybaby in pro football.

“It’s an inconsistency in the rules really,” says Frank Doyle, a spokesman for Sports Interaction. “Getting yanked back by the hair is very similar to a horse collar tackle in terms of body dynamics, but the rule makers don’t seem to see it that way. Maybe they’d prefer if everybody wore a buzz cut like Johnny Unitas.”

The Mane Event Bet is just one of over three hundred bets that Sports Interaction is offering on the Super Bowl. “Sports Interaction has been licensed in North America for fourteen years,” remarks Doyle, “and every year the Super Bowl has gotten bigger and bigger.

“We have three hundred Super Bowl bets on everything to do with the game, from fun bets like the color of the winning Gatorade shower to totals, player bets, team bets, statistical bets, live betting during the game and more. And of course you can bet on who’ll win the game – Green Bay is a -2.5 point favorite, even though Pittsburgh has won two of the last five straight up.”

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