Super Bowl 50 Props: Bet on Newton, Manning and Gatorade

Mike Schultz | Updated Feb 03, 2016

super-bowl-50-prop-bets-peyton manning cam newton

One of the most popular sporting events of 2016 is upon us, and we have a whole range of Super Bowl 50 betting options, from odds on the game, to player prop bets and team props. But why just bet on which team you think will win, when you can bet on just about everything else that happens during the biggest game of the year?

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This year, our Super Bowl prop bets cover almost every scenario imaginable. You can not only bet on which team will win the coin toss, you can bet on whether the coin will land on heads or tails. You can even put money on what color the Gatorade will be that gets dumped over the winning coach’s head.

Color of Gatorade Odds: Orange +125 Clear/Water +405 Yellow +390 Blue +300 Red +605 Green +100 Any Other Color +800

Because it’s Super Bowl 50, we have some special props for that magic number. Will the final score add up to 50? Will either team score 50 points? Will Cam Newton rush for 50 yards? Will Peyton Manning or Cam Newton throw a 50 yard touchdown pass?

Odds final score is exactly 50 points +5000 Odds either team to score 50 points +5000 Odds either team to have 50+ pass attempts +500 Odds either team to kick 50+ yard FG +500 Odds Cam Newton rushes for 50+ yards +500 Odds on no score after the 50th minute +500

All eyes will be on Peyton Manning during this game, since it could likely be his last. Naturally, we have a number of Peyton Manning prop bets for you to wager on. Will Manning announce his retirement right after the game? Our odds are at -1000 that he won’t.

Odds Peyton Manning retires on the field: +500 Odds he doesn’t (retire on field): -1000

Our current odds have Cam Newton as the -140 favorite to be selected as the Super Bowl MVP, but on our prop bets page, you’ll find plenty of other fun Cam Newton-related props. Will Cam propose to his girlfriend after the game? Our current odds are at +1200 that he will. Will he dab with the Lombardi Trophy? We even have an over/under for how many kids in the stands will have a football handed to them by the Panthers’ QB.

How many footballs will Cam give to Kids: Over +1.5 +215 Under +1.5 -330 Odds he’ll propose to his girlfriend on field after game: Yes +1200 No -3560 Odds Cam Newton will take a Bronco fan’s sign: Yes +350 No -600 Odds Cam Newton dabs with the Lombardi Trophy: Yes (Lombardi Dab) +285 No (Lombardi Dab) -465

Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first? Yeah, we have odds on that.

God +200 Teammates +200 Nobody +225 Coach +800 Family +1000 Fans +1000 Owner +1500 Himself +2500 Michael Jordan +5000

beyonce_coldplay_super bowl 50 half time

Prefer betting on Beyonce? No problem. We’ll have a stack of half time show prop bets, right down to what color shoes Beyonce might wear on stage, and what song Coldplay might sing first.

Odds Beyonce shows cleavage: Yes (Cleavage) -1400 No (Cleavage) +600 Color of Beyonce’s Shoes: Black +150 Gold/Brown +250 White +275 Silver/Grey +475 Any Other Color +600 First song played by Coldplay: Adventure of a Lifetime +200 Fix You +350 A Sky Full of Stars +450 Viva La Vida +500 Clocks +750 Speed of Sound +900 Head Full of Dreams +1000 Paradise +1000

Keep coming back to Sports Interaction’s Super Bowl props page leading up to the big game to see what new odds we add next.