Super Bowl 2015 Live Updates, Score – Patriots vs Seahawks Results

Mike Schultz | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Between DeflateGate and Marshawn Lynch keeping us entertained during the two week build up to Super Bowl Sunday, let me just be the first to say that I’m thankful it’s finally time to, you know, actually talk about the game.

The game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots brings up some interesting matchups. The Patriots’ offense is a well oiled machine, run by Tom Brady, arguably one of the greatest to ever play the game. But the Seahawks boast one of the best secondaries in the league, that have stopped some of the best offenses over the course of the season.

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The success of the Seahawk’s defense may rely on its ability to bend but not break. Getting off the field on third-down may not be easy against the Patriots with LaGarette Blount in the backfield and an array of underrated talent in the passing game. Seattle may give up several yards throughout the course of the game, but have a tendency to be stout in the red zone.

For the Patriots, the defense will need to contain both Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson in the running game. The Patriots faced very few read option quarterbacks this season, so Wilson could prove to be difficult to stop if he’s able to find room to run. If New England is going to win, they’ll need to stop both Lynch and Wilson from gaining yardage on the ground, as Seattle is unlikely to put up big numbers through the air.

This game opened as a Pick ’em at Sports Interaction but has bounced around from there to New England -1.5 over the past two weeks. Right now, the Pats are pegged as 1-point favorites.


1st Quarter

Coin toss: New England is designated visitors, they call heads. The coin toss is tails, Seattle elects to defer. New England will receive.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has not cut the sleeves off of his signature hoodie. could this sink New England?

Danny Amendola takes the kickoff to the 18 yard line. Brady and the offense take the field for the first time. Let’s see if the NFLs most potent offense can move the leagues best defense.

It’s 3-2 for the Patriots in this first series. Brady drops back and completes a pass for a first down to Shane Vereen.

In the first series, the Seahawks defense gave very little room for the Patriots offense to operate. They held Brady to small drag routes and LaGarette Blount to minimal yardage.

Seattle’s offense is on the field. Marshawn Lynch takes the hand off and gains three yards and is gang tackled by the entire Patriots team.

Lynch is stopped behind the line of scrimmage on third down and the Patriots will get the ball back after Seattle got away with a roughing the kicker penalty that should have kept their first drive alive.

Julian Edelman makes the fair catch, the Patriots offense takes the field for the second time.

With two good defenses, we may see more punting than we’d like to for a Super Bowl. Let’s hope the score is kept close throughout the game, unlike last year.

It will be interesting to see whether or not New England tests the banged up secondary. With Sherman’s elbow and Thomas’ shoulder injury, I would expect them to see how well then can defend.

Patriots are quite run heavy in their offense so far, so I guess they aren’t going to take advantage of the fact that three of Seattle’s best players are hurt. Patriots first down. Waiting for Seattle fans to ask for a PSI check on those balls.

Everyone calls the Patriots cheaters, but no one remembers that several of the Seattle secondary tested positive for PEDs a few years back.

Brady to Amemdola for the first down and the first team to make it to the red zone.

Brady is intercepted by Jeremy Lane in the end zone. The Patriots promising drive ends in a turnover. That was just a bad play by Brady who panicked in the face of Seattle’s pass rush and lobbed an easy one.

That interception was Jeremy Lane’s first interception of his career, both regular season and post-season.

Lane apparently injured his elbow on the play and is being taken to the locker room.

Russell Wilson had no one to go to downfield, but was able to gain seven yards on a scramble.

Seattle goes back to Lynch as he gains the first down and then some, dragging the Patriots defense along the way. New England can’t allow Lynch to get going if they hope to win.

After the end of the first quarter, we’re still scoreless. The Patriots had some momentum, but turned the ball over to end their scoring chances. Without that interception, they would have likely scored at least a field goal. This could come back to haunt them if this game stays close.

Seattle’s offense has yet to do anything significant in terms of yardage. So far, it looks like Wilson is not getting many looks downfield to his receivers. Expect a heavy dose of Lynch in the second quarter to see if they can draw New England’s safeties closer to the line of scrimmage to open up the passing lanes.

2nd Quarter

Start of the second quarter looks much like the end of the first. The Patriots are getting pressure, but aren’t able to bring Wilson down. The receivers aren’t getting open.

Part of me wants the Patriots to lose just so we can hear Giselle tell everyone why it’s not Tom Brady’s fault.

New England takes over at their own 35 yard line. Amendola takes the pass for 17 yards, the longest gain on a play so far in the game.

The Patriots keep picking up first downs, not trying to do too much, just finding enough room to make the plays in Seattle’s zone defense.

Brady finally looks downfield to Rob Gronkowski. Kam Chancellor was tested for the first time in coverage. Incomplete, but it looks like the Patriots are gaining some confidence.

Big pass play across the middle to Julian Edelman for the first down on a 3rd and 9 good for 23 yards.

The Patriots have run 28 plays on offense in comparison to Seattle’s 8.

We have our first score! Touchdown pass to Brandon LaFell, Patriots lead 6-0. Gostkowski nails the PAT. 7-0

The Patriots defense is smothering Seattle’s offense. They haven’t been able to get anything going in the air. Somewhat confusing since they have Lynch in the backfield.

There’s Beast Mode!

If the Patriots can continue to play contain defense while generating pass rush, Wilson could be in for a long game.

Another three and out for Seattle.

Russell Wilson has yet to complete a pass in the game.

The Seattle offense has gained -5 yards total in the game. That means less than zero. Brady continues to find his receivers across the middle, which for whatever reason, Seattle keeps leaving open in their zone defense.

Seattle’s non-offense will take the field at their own 30 yard line.

Another third down looming for Seattle. Before the snap, Seattle is called for a false start, making it the first accepted penalty of the game, which was one of our prop bets.

The penalty makes it 3rd and 6.

Wilson has completed his first pass! Congrats on not having a negative passer rating in the first half.

Chris Matthews makes a huge catch downfield for Seattle’s biggest gain of the game. Wilson is finally getting started.

Seattle is now in the red zone as they hand off to Lynch who runs it to the 8 yard line.

Lynch gets the hand off again, 3rd and 1 at the 2 yard line. Seattle is threatening to score.

Seattle’s on the scoreboard! None other than Marshawn Lynch! PAT is good. We’ve got a tie game.

The Patriots have just over two minutes to respond to Seattle’s drive. They won’t have time to dink and dunk down the field. Let’s see if they go deep.

They won’t have time to dink and dunk down the field. Let’s see if they go deep.

LaGarette Blount earns 9 yards on 1st down. His longest gain of the day. The hurry up offense is in effect. Brady can be almost surgeon like in the two minute drill. It will be huge if they can end the first half with a score.

Cliff Avril is called for neutral zone infraction for the Seahawks. It gives the Patriots an automatic first down.

The Patriots are now in Seattle territory. Brady finds Shane Vereen across the middle, who runs down to the 26 yard line and uses their first timeout to stop the clock.

Out routes and crossing routes. Will Seattle figure this out and cover them? Patriots are running a variety of approximately three plays.

Gronkowski touchdown! Gronkowski got a favorable matchup, being defended by KJ Wright, who is a linebacker. Yeah, not smart Seattle.

Seattle has 31 seconds to work with and all of their timeouts. Let’s see if Seattle will take a knee or try for a big play to put them in position to at least get a field goal.

19 yard gain on James Turbin’s first carry of the game.

Wilson breaks a big run and gets out of bounds with 17 seconds left in the half.

Seattle is about 10 yards away from the edge of field goal range. Hauschka isn’t exactly reliable as of late, so you wonder what they’ll do here.

Ricardo Lockette hauls in a pass and gets out of bounds with 6 seconds left. Patriots were flagged for a face mask, Seattle declines. The penalty is tacked on to the yardage Lockette picked up on the catch. 6 seconds left. Go for the sure three points or try to get another chance at the end zone?

It looks like Seattle is going to try for one more play to get into the end zone. A complete pass has to make it into the end zone or the clock will expire. Chris Matthews with the catch for the touchdown!

Looks like we’ll head into half time all tied up, 14-14. Seattle will get the ball to begin the second half, which could put pressure on the Patriots to keep up if the Seahawks continue to score.

After the half, we’ve finally got some offense and a great game on our hands. After both defenses started strong, we’ve seen a back and forth match that could turn into a shootout if the scoring pace continues.


3rd Quarter

Let’s see if Seattle keeps handing the ball off to Lynch. Chris Matthews hauls in his third catch of the game for a huge gain. Prior to today, he had never had a catch in his NFL career!

Suddenly, Seattle is in scoring position at New England’s 10 yard line. With Lynch starting to pick up yards, it’s opening up the Patriots secondary. New England needs to find a way to cover Chris Matthews. He’s been the main source of offense for Seattle.

Patriots stuff Lynch on 3rd and 1. Seattle will have to settle for a field goal. Steven Hauschka puts it through the uprights. It’s Seattle’s first lead of the game, 14-17.


Patriots facing 3rd and 6 on their first series of the second half. If Seattle can get off the field and get the offense rolling, it could mean trouble for New England.

Big first down conversion to Rob Gronkowski. It’s hard to think first downs mean a lot this early in the second half, but it’s shaping up to be that type of game.

It looks like Seattle’s defense is settling in a bit and getting some pressure on Brady. They’ve been successful in stopping Blount, too.

Brady is picked off for the second time by Bobby Wagner. Poor throw into double coverage. Flag on the play after the interception, block in the back by Richard Sherman.

It looks like New England finally put Brandon Browner on Chris Matthews and he’s still catching passes.

Woof, New England’s pass rush has consistently missed Russell Wilson throughout this game. They look silly.

A couple of handoffs to Lynch and a wide open pass to Doug Baldwin for a touchdown and Seattle is up 14-24.


It looks like the ref may have accidentally set a pick on Darelle Revis to get Baldwin open.

Brady hasn’t looked the same since the end of the first half. He’s been rattled by Seattle’s pass rush and been fairly inaccurate in his passing.

Patriots can’t convert on 3rd and 9, so here comes the punter. If Seattle scores here, we may have to say goodbye to the close and competitive game we had prior to the half.

It’s surprising that Seattle has had more success through the air. Lynch isn’t getting nearly the amount of carries as you would expect. They’re mostly using him in this second half to keep the defense honest.

Seattle couldn’t convert on third down, Patriots are lucky they didn’t sink into a deeper hole. Brady needs to settle down and be patient in the pocket on this series to get them back in the game.

New England needs to change it up on offense in the fourth quarter. Seattle has finally taken away the middle of the field and is covering the receivers on the out routes that had been working so well in the first half.

4th Quarter

Big stop for the Patriots to get the Seahawks offense off the field. New England needs to start playing with some urgency here and taking some chances on this series.

Brady converts on 3rd and 14 on a laser to Julian Edelman who got up and sprinted for some extra yardage. Looks like the referees are going to call him down after gaining 21 yards.

Earl Thomas is flagged for unnecessary roughness for a late hit. The refs in this game have let them play up this point. Can’t complain at all.

Another huge third down conversion to Julian Edelman, first and goal for the Patriots.

Patriots touchdown! Brady threads the ball to Danny Amendola to bring the Patriots within three points.


Seattle now finds itself struggling on offense and New England is finding some momentum. The three and out gives the ball back to Brady and company.

Brady looks much more poised in the pocket after starting the second half pretty shaky. He’s stepping up in the pocket and finding receivers, even if just for short gains.

A holding penalty on the Patriots takes away a first down to make it 2nd and 11. Brady converts for a first down to Gronkowski for a huge first down. Patriots are threatening to score again.

With just under three minutes remaining in regulation, the Patriots are inside Seattle’s 10 yard line. Both teams have all three timeouts, so the remainder of the game should be pretty exciting.

The Patriots go with Blount on first down which keeps the clock running. Next play is a touchdown to Julian Edelman to put the Patritots back on top at the two minute warning.


Seattle won’t be able to settle for a field goal on their last opportunity of the game. Down by four, any misstep by the Seahawks on this series means a Super Bowl victory for New England.

Huge gain on a 31 yard pass to Marshawn Lynch down the sideline. New England has yet to stop the deep game for Seattle.

Seattle goes to the air three times in a row and finally converts on 3rd and 10. They’ll go into the hurry up offense with only 1:17 left in the game.

Whoa, pass appeared to be broken up by New England, but Jermaine Kearse has the ball land right back in his hands inside the Patriots 10 yard line.

This is the third freak catch that could sink the Patriots. It was Tyree in 2007, Manningham in 2011 and now Kearse in 2015?

Patriots intercept Russell Wilson at the 1 yard line!

Why would Pete Carrol put the ball in the hands of Russell Wilson in a pass play when you have Marshawn Lynch in the backfield? Unbelievable play call.

Pete Carrol will have a lot of questions to answer for calling a pass play at the half yard line with Marshawn Lynch on the roster.

Seattle makes another error, jumping offsides trying to stuff the Patriots at the goal line on a dive to avoid the safety.

That penalty will give the Patriots the room necessary to take victory formation. A fight breaks out, punches thrown. No one cares because the season is over.

Bruce Irvin is ejected after starting the fight. Automatic first down and an extra 15 yards tacked on.

Brady takes the final knee and lets the clock run out. The New England Patriots come back from 10 points down to win Super Bowl XLIX.