Patriot Games: Why the Tim Tebow Saga Isn’t Over Yet

Frank Doyle | Updated Sep 03, 2013


The New England Patriots cut Tim Tebow last weekend, but if you think that spells an end to this saga, think again. After Tebow was cut, he said all the right things.

“I would like to thank Mr. Kraft, Coach Belichick, Coach McDaniels and the entire Patriots organization for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a classy organization. I pray for nothing but the best for you all,” Tebow said. “I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback.”

Well, if that’s what he’s waiting for, he might be waiting a very long time. Tebow completed 11 of 30 passes in the preseason with two touchdowns and an interception in three exhibition appearances. At this stage in Tebow’s career, it seems painfully obvious to everyone except him that he simply isn’t good enough to be an NFL quarterback. That said, the Patriots are known for bringing back players initially cut from the roster and aren’t closing the door on a Tebow return.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen during the year, but certainly we’ve had a lot of players who’ve left here and come back here,” coach Bill Belichick told reporters Saturday. “That’s already happened multiple times this year.”

It sounds a lot like the pretty cheerleader leading on the class dork as long as he does her math homework. Still, you have to think there would be a lot more interest in Tebow if he worked on his game at a different position. He certainly has the size, speed and athleticism to make a difference at fullback or tight end and when the owner of the team is in your corner, that’s always a good sign.

“I love Tim Tebow and I very much wanted him on the team,” Pats owner Robert Kraft told Rose on CBS This Morning. “If you look at four of the last five years, we’ve only carried two quarterbacks. And when a cut-down time comes, you need those last three or four positions for depth.”

So that’s what it comes down to and you can’t fault New England, sitting fourth in Super Bowl odds, for cutting him lose. Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere and Ryan Mallett likely has a bright future in the league too. The Pats, who open the season as 10-point favorites at Buffalo, don’t need a third quarterback right now and the rest of the league wasn’t interested in his services after he hit waivers.

Now it’s up to Tebow. Either he starts preparing for a position change or his NFL days are likely over. If he wants to continue his football career, the only real landing spot that makes sense is the Montreal Alouettes. They could use a quarterback with veteran Anthony Calvillo concussed and nearing the end of his tremendous career. However, as of now at least, Tebow says he isn’t interested in playing north of the border.

Until that changes, he probably won’t be playing anywhere, but don’t expect this saga to go away anytime soon.