NFL Week 3 Monday Morning GIF BLITZ!

Mike Schultz | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Week 3 is in the books and we had no shortage of big plays and lopsided scores. Atlanta beat Tampa Bay 56-14 in an old fashioned whipping, while the Colts took it to the Jaguars 44-17. We saw a Super Bowl rematch between the Seahawks and the Broncos go into overtime in a thriller that came complete with copious amounts of “Manning face” and experienced a flurry of trick plays executed across the league with varying levels of success.

Here are a few of my favorite GIFs from Week 3 action.

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Brian Hartline catches a touchdown pass against the Chiefs and makes his case for competing in the PGA tour. The Chiefs went on to beat Miami 35-14. C’mon Hartline, at least make sure you sink the putt before you celebrate.

J.J. Watt blows up the Giants play instantly after Eli Manning hands the ball off. The Giants pulled off a 30-17 win, their first of the season, but not without some complications. Aw, shucks, Eli. You’ll get ’em next time.

The Seahawks won in overtime against the Broncos 23-20 in a Super Bowl rematch. Clearly, these guys are willing to sacrifice their body…and hair to make big plays. If Marshawn Lynch can get that dreadlock on ice, he might be able to save it.

DeSean Jackson faced his old team the Eagles after signing with division rival Washington in the off-season. He gets a moment of sweet revenge on an 81 yard touchdown pass to tie the game late in the third quarter, but Washington went on to lose to Philadelphia 37-34. Good form and I truly believed he was a delicate bird for a moment, but I can’t award any style points on this one.

LaGarrette Blount is known as a bruising, hard to take down running back. Here he is taking flight against the Carolina Panthers in a 37-19 blowout on Sunday Night Football. Why run through someone when you can leap over them? Or at least attempt to. Hurdling a human often results in Blount force trauma.

The Vikings are without their franchise player Adrian Peterson indefinitely and struggled against the high powered Saints in New Orleans. Here’s Jimmy Graham executing a stiff arm to perfection on the way to a big 20-9 win to bounce back from a tough loss against Cleveland last week. I’m sure safety Robert Blanton thanked Jimmy Graham for rearranging his face.

The Lions stifling defense held the Packers to one score, beating them 19-7 in Detroit. During the game, Steven Tulloch sacked Aaron Rodgers and attempted to mimmick Rodger’s “discount double check” celebration and ended up tearing his ACL in the process. Tulloch was placed on injured reserve today. RIP ACL.

Trick plays, trick plays everywhere!

The Browns tried the old “arguing with the offensive coordinator then streaking down the field for a pass reception.” The only person they tricked was their running back, who was flagged for illegal motion, nullifying the play. Cleveland lost to Baltimore 23-21. Dysfunction is dysfunction in Cleveland, even if it’s staged.

The Cardinals didn’t need starting QB Carson Palmer to beat the 49ers. They didn’t even need second-string QB Drew Stanton. Here’s receiver/kick returner Ted Ginn, Jr. throwing a 10 yard completion to Larry Fitzgerald in a 23-14 win over San Francisco. Is anyone surprised that Ted Ginn, Jr. has a better arm than Drew Stanton?

Mohammed Sanu throws his second touchdown pass of the year while playing wide receiver for the Bengals. This time, he hit Andy Dalton on a reverse turned screen pass. Dalton hurried down the sidelines for the score en route to a 33-7 win against the Titans. I dub thee,Andy Dalton, RED MENACE.

Since having a read-option quarterback isn’t enough to confuse a defense, the Seahawks pulled out a fake reverse to Jermaine Kearse who hit Wilson on the wheel route for a big completion. Russell Wilson doesn’t get enough credit for his baby soft hands.