NFL Week 17 Monday Morning GIF BLITZ!

Mike Schultz | Updated Oct 04, 2017


We’ve come to the end of the NFL regular season which means only a handful of teams will continue to the playoffs to chase the Lombardi trophy. Even though several teams had nothing to play for, we saw some competitive games in an attempt to play spoiler. Except for Tampa Bay. They locked down that first draft pick in the 2015 draft like a boss. Check out our NFL 2015 Playoffs Betting right here!

So here, my friends, are the Week 17 best of the best gifs. See you in the playoffs!

The Rams weren’t playing for a spot in the playoffs, but the Seahawks needed a win to secure the first seed and home field advantage in the NFC. Seattle’s offense struggled early, but the defense made up for it, not allowing St. Louis a touchdown in the game, winning 6-20. It came close on the play below, but safety Earl Thomas made a great play to break up the would-be touchdown. Chop the arm, sweep the leg.

San Diego was in a win or go home scenario yesterday against the Kansas City Chiefs. A win gets a wild card spot for the Chargers, the loss plants them on the couch with the Chiefs. Kansas City successfully played spoiler, beating San Diego 7-19. Below is Phillip Rivers expressing frustration in a game many believed would be won by the Chargers. Poor Phil is trapped in a helmet of emotions.

If there’s one bright spot for the Giants this year, it’s definitely rookie receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. He’s a human highlight reel, which can be seen below in another stellar catch against the Eagles. Neither the Giants or Eagles had a chance at the playoffs, but the NFC East rivals duked it out in a high scoring game, with Philly coming out ahead 34-26. Bend all of it like Beckham. All of it.

The Jets and the Dolphins didn’t have much to play for other than a division rivalry. It was enough to put up a high scoring game that the Jets won 37-24. It’s apparent the two teams don’t like each other much or at least the Dolphins Cameron Wake isn’t very fond of Jets quarterback Geno Smith. Here he is delivering a huge hit that should satisfy Wake’s blood lust going into the offseason. It’s been a long season. Geno must be tired to just lay on the ground like that.

With all of the turmoil in Chicago this year, you wouldn’t expect them to close out the season in any other fashion than a loss to division rival Minnesota, 13-9. Surprisingly, both defenses showed up to play a great game with only one touchdown scored between both teams. Here’s the Vikings Cory Wootton celebrating a sack on the woeful Jay Cutler. It’s too bad all players weren’t programmed to do this after sacking Jay Cutler. So many robots.

Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are both playoff bound, but a win by either team would secure a higher seed and a home game in the postseason. It was all Steelers as they fired on all cylinders on offense, defense and special teams, winning 17-27. Here’s Antonio Brown on a 71 yard punt return, pushing his own blocker to the ground and flipping into the end zone. When you jump kick a punter in the face in Week 1, no one wants anything to do with you.

All the Texans had to do was beat the Jaguars (like almost everyone else in the league had already done) and hope the Ravens lose to earn a wild card playoff spot. Jacksonville made it interesting, running a trick play with Bortles lateraling to Cecil Shorts, who threw for the touchdown to Jordan Todman. Despite the trickery, Houston was able to hold the Jags off, 17-23. Baltimore won their game against Cleveland, so it was all for naught. I’m going to guess the majority of Jacksonville’s touchdowns this season are a result of trick plays.

The NFC North division was up for grabs between Detroit and Green Bay. The winner gets the second seed and a first week by in the NFC while the loser gets the wild card. The Packers got out to an early lead with a hobbled Rodgers, who re-injured his calf and left the game only to return and lead Green Bay to a 20-30 win. Before taking the field after leaving the game, Rodgers sought out a bit of good luck to help him play through his injury. Beard touching could be the hottest trend in injury rehabilitation next year.

Oakland did not have a very good year. Denver had a very good year. Oakland will not be going to the playoffs. Denver will be going to the playoffs. Denver beat Oakland badly, 47-14. Oakland still managed to eek out this nifty play on a backwards pass gone wrong, scooped up and returned for a touchdown. Give Oakland a round of applause. Oakland made a highlight! Oakland made a highlight!

The Cowboys managed to win the NFC East this year and decided to put an exclamation point on the season by completely dismantling Washington, 44-17. Dallas will ride a big wave of momentum heading into the playoffs and it’s easy to see why many think this year will be the year the Cowboys end their playoff dry spell. Here’s Dez Bryant pulling in a beautiful sideline catch for a touchdown. The NFL is SO BORING. I wish there were more exciting plays.