NFL Week 16 Monday Morning GIF BLITZ!

Mike Schultz | Updated Oct 04, 2017


The last few weeks of the NFL season always provides entertaining football. Several teams have clinched playoff spots while others remain on the brink, needing all the help they can get in order to make it to the post season. In the mix are a handful of teams playing mostly for pride and a chance to spoil a playoff hopeful team’s chances. Take a look at our odds for this week’s NFL games.

Let’s take a look at some of the finer moments of Week 16 action:

The Giants have had a very disappointing season, missing the playoffs for the third straight year since winning the Super Bowl in 2012. New York does have a few bright spots to look forward to next year as Odell Beckham Jr. has had one of the best season’s for a rookie receiver in NFL history. Here he is breaking ankles on a beautiful double move in a 37-27 win against the Rams. What are those blurry things where Beckham’s legs are supposed to be?

The Texans beat the Ravens 13-25 in a game that Baltimore desperately needed to win to have any chance at making the playoffs. The Ravens held a 0-16 lead just before the half when things got a bit heated between the two teams. Texans running back Arian Foster was quick to step in and put the dispute to rest using the fastest and more sure way to end a sports debate. SCOREBOARD.

No one expected the Colts to get blownout by the Cowboys, but 7-42 score would suggest that is exactly what happened. With the game secured by Dallas, Brandon Weeden, the oldest rookie ever to be drafted into the NFL at the age of 28, took the field and delivered this beautiful pass to Terrence Williams. This almost makes you forget how terrible Weeden was with the Browns. Almost.

The Vikings and the Dolphins squared off in a high scoring, shootout that saw Ryan Tannehill throw for 396 yards and four touchdown passes. Despite those numbers, the Vikings kept clawing back, punting the ball with 41 seconds and a tie score. The punt never happened, as Terrence Fede was able to block it into the end zone resulting in a game winning safety. Game over 35-37. Sadly, the one-hop long snap strategy did little for the Vikings chances this time.

The Falcons needed a win against the Saints for any hope of winning the NFC South for a playoff spot. With all of the pressure on Atlanta to perform, you’d think it was the players who needed a little help relaxing. Here’s Devin Hester giving the referee a quick shoulder rub before fielding a kick off. It must have worked as Atlanta was able to beat New Orleans 30-14. Anyone else feel like this lingered on a bit too long for comfort?

Jimmy Clausen made his first start after the controversial Jay Cutler benching and played well, throwing two touchdown passes and showing some fire after absorbing a dirty hit from Lions D lineman Ziggy Ansha. The Bears kept it close against Detroit, but it wasn’t enough to push Chicago past the Lions, with a final score of 20-14. My lip reading is not all that great, but I believe Clausen is saying “Merry Festivus” to Ansah.

Johnny Football is finding out the hard way that everyone in the NFL is much faster than in college. Manziel had another abysmal outing before leaving the game due to injury in the second quarter. Cam Newton had a great game after missing the previous week due to injury suffered in a car accident, leading Carolina to a 17-13 win. Manziel got wrecked, but on the field instead of the bar as per usual.

The Raiders played spoiler to the Bills, knocking Buffalo out of playoff contention and getting their third win of the season, 26-24. You could kind of tell it was going to be a rough day for Buffalo when your touchdown celebrations get blocked. Here’s Scott Chandler being denied a spike by Sammy Watkins and seeming to actually get upset about it. Bro Code explicitly states that you should never get in the way of slamming stuff into the ground.

The Steelers got the win they needed against the Chiefs 12-20 to remain in the hunt for the playoffs. Things got a little dicey, though, as the Chiefs managed to pull off a fake field goal deep in Steeler territory. It ended up being all for naught, as the Steelers defense forced another field goal attempt and kept the Chiefs out of the end zone the entire game. Nothing says Chiefs like a fake field goal to set up a field goal.

Beast Mode was in full-effect on a night when Seattle’s offense exploded against the Cardinals, 35-3. Remiscient of the Seahawks/Saints wild card game during the 2010 playoffs, Marshawn Lynch broke several tackles and flung defensive blacks to the ground, rumbling for a 79 yard touchdown. Very subtle gesture while falling into the end zone. I wonder what it means.