NFL Week 15 Monday Morning GIF BLITZ!

Mike Schultz | Updated Oct 04, 2017


There are only two weeks remaining in the NFL regular season. At this point, you’re happy about one of two things; your team going to the playoffs, or your team getting a high draft position. I like to look at things optimistically. Check out the odds on this week’s NFL games on our lines pages.

Below are the best gifs from Week 15 that include both teams going to the playoffs, as well as teams likely to get a very high draft pick come May 2015:

Carolina has managed to crawl the tiny hill back to the top of the NFC South, beating Tampa Bay 19-17. It’s a miracle that Carolina could make the playoffs and still have a top 10 draft pick in the offseason. It’s also a miracle that Kelvin Benjamin was able to grab this pass, get uprooted and not break his neck. Derek Anderson almost gets credit for putting another Panthers player in the hospital this week.

When a team is in a downward spiral, not much can go right. Here’s Kaepernick completely missing a wide open Boldin on a day where the Seattle defense completely smothered the 49ers offense. Seattle went on to win 17-7, knocking the 49ers out of the NFC playoff picture. I’m willing to bet Harbaugh would trade his pleated pants for an accurate quarterback.

Two of the league’s worst teams, the Jets and the Titans, battled it out and well, someone had to win. The Jets managed to hold off the Titans, but not before Tennessee gave them a scare on the last play of regulation, nearly lateraling their way to what would have been a game winning score. The Titans fell just short, losing 16-11. Sorry Music City, you used your one miracle in 1999.

The Chargers hosted the Broncos in an important AFC West match up that San Diego desperately needed to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Denver would go on to win 22-10, likely ending the Chargers chances at the post season. Philip Rivers is seen below perfectly articulating his frustration in the loss. Play this in reverse and it’s just Philip Rivers eating spaghetti.

The Dolphins may have let the game against the Patriots get out of hand after the first half, losing 41-13 on a day when no one could stop the Gronk. Despite the loss, Miami was able to show flashes of the potential the team showed earlier in the season with this Tannehill to Wallace one handed touchdown catch just before halftime. Miami would not score again in the game, so at least they made this one memorable.

The Cowboys and the Eagles are fighting to win the NFC East and Dallas came out on top 38-27, splitting the two head-to-head match ups between the two teams. Philadelphia seemed to be mounting a comeback, starting with Zach Ertz flat out jumping over the defense to move the chains. Turnovers would eventually be the Eagles downfall, but at least they get style points. White men CAN jump. At least over guys that are laying down on the ground.

For the second week in a row, the Falcons fell behind early and tried to mount a comeback in the second half that would be too little, too late. This week, it would be the Steelers who got the best of Atlanta, winning 27-20 by having Antonio Brown catch insane sideline catches like this. It was nice of Desmond Trufant to give Brown all of that room to make such a nice catch!

The Bills front four on defense made it possible to slow down Green Bay’s potent offense as Buffalo got the underdog win 21-13. The Packers got the ball with just under 2 minutes left in regulation, but before Rodgers could even attempt a game winning drive, Mario Williams stripped the ball on the first play of the possession which resulted in a safety. Game over. Buffalo burned Mr. Rodgers neighborhood to the ground yesterday.

When you’re 2-12 on the season, you start to open up the playbook a bit to see what might work to give yourself a little confidence boost. Here’s Jacksonville executing a perfect fake punt using the shovel pass for a first down. The Jaguars held it close with the Ravens until halftime, before Baltimore pulled away and won 20-12. This play gained more yardage than the entire Jaguars offense combined over the entire season.

Much of the football world was excited to see what Johnny Football could do in his first NFL start and we got to see a lot of his “money” celebration. Too bad it was the Bengals mocking Manziel as Johnny Football and the Browns played a stinker, losing 30-0 to Cincinnati. Here’s one of Manziel’s two interceptions on a day when the Bengals defense could do no wrong. Manziel could not have found a more perfect home than Cleveland.