NFL: Steelers Seeking Vengeance Against Ravens

Al Dannity | Updated Nov 04, 2011

The city of Pittsburgh has a grudge against the men in purple and none of its citizens will rest until the Ravens are put to the sword. You want anger? You want intensity? Get ready for war at Heinz Field this Sunday. Al Dannity breaks it down.

Big Ben wants to hurt the Ravens Believe me he does. The beat down suffered in Baltimore back in Week 1 stings more for Roethlisberger than any other Steeler. Having muscled his way into the upper echelon of NFL signal callers, Big Ben was made to look like Dan Orlovsky as the Ravens ripped Pittsburgh asunder. The time for payback is here and there’s no better place to do it than Heinz Field. The improvement shown by Pittsburgh in the weeks since has made that loss look like a blip. To Roethlisberger however it is more than that. That defeat lingers like a scar and the wound won’t fully heal until he gets his revenge.

What is happening in Baltimore? Remember Week 1 guys? You know, the game where the Ravens announced their presence as legitimately Super Bowl contenders. No-one was expecting a showing on that level every week but the drop-off has been spectacular. At this rate the Harbaugh bowl will have the 49ers as 10 point favorites. The slide will eventually stop but only when Joe Flacco is chained up to a point that he is virtually in shackles. It may remove any sense of spontaneity from the offense but the only thing unpredictable about the Ravens’ attack right now is working out just when Flacco is going to give the ball up.

The verdict It’s hard to lay all the blame at one player’s door and in truth Baltimore’s defense hasn’t been up to the lofty standard set in Week 1. The Ravens’ brain trust must address the issues on both sides of the ball before we can start considering this outfit a contender again.

I don’t like the Steelers in the long run but right now they’ve got momentum on their side and, frankly speaking, they are just plain angry. That may not mean much in terms of Xs and Os but on the battlefield in this league it can make an enormous difference in the short-term. The Steelers are going to unload on Baltimore early and that should be enough to see them home in this one.