NFL Spreads Week 15: Best Picks Against the Spread

Frank Doyle | Updated Dec 14, 2015

Can the Seattle Seahawks overcome another running back injury? 

You might be able to avoid the injury bug for a while, but eventually, every team in the NFL will go through a stretch of significant hits to its roster.

Welcome to Week 15, where oddsmakers are refreshing NFL injury reports frantically as they try to post odds for this week’s matchups.

Andy Dalton, Thomas Rawls, T.J. Yeldon, Greg Olsen, Brian Hoyer – those are just a handful of players who went down last week.

When Monday morning’s opening odds came out, five games were off the board and it could be a challenge to get those lines posted anytime soon. So for now, everyone is in the same boat as we wait for more news from the doctors.

Week 14 Spreads: Best Picks Against the Spread

Week 15 Updated Odds

Thursday Night Football

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at St. Louis Rams

Expect Thursday night’s contest to be decided on the ground. The Rams need to get a big game from Todd Gurley, but that won’t be easy against Tampa Bay’s defence. The Bucs rank eighth against the run this season.

Point spread: Buccaneers -1

Total: 41

Pick against the spread: Buccaneers -1

New York Jets at Dallas Cowboys

Point spread: Jets -3 / Jets -3.5

Total: 42

Somehow the Dallas Cowboys remain in the postseason picture even though they’re 4-7. Such is life in the NFC East. The Jets are coming around and are averaging better than 30 points during their three-game winning streak.

Pick against the spread: Jets -3

Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars

Point spread: Jaguars -3

Total: 48.5 / 49

Is it really that hard to just throw the ball in Julio Jones’ direction 15 times per game? That’s all Atlanta needs to do to score a few points.

Pick against the spread: Jaguars -3

Buffalo Bills at Washington

Point spread: Pick ‘em / Bills -1.5

Total 44

The Buffalo Bills were flagged for 15 more penalties totaling 101 yards in Week 14’s loss. A little discipline would go a long way with this team.

Pick against the spread: Washington

Carolina Panthers at New York Giants

Point spread: Panthers -5

Total: 48

Josh Norman vs. Odell Beckham Jr. is worth the price of admission alone. If Eli can’t make that connection work, it’s going to be a long day at the office.

Pick against the spread: Panthers -5

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings

Point spread: Vikings -5 / Vikings -6

Total: 43

When Robbie Gould is missing field goals in the fourth quarter, you know times are tough for the Bears. Still, five points may be too many in this nasty rivalry.

Pick against the spread: Bears +5

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts

Point spread: Pick ’em

Total: 41

Andrew Luck can’t get back in the lineup soon enough. Without him the Colts’ playoff hopes are shot.

Pick against the spread: Texans

Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens

Point spread: Chiefs -7

Total: 41

It’s a lost season for the Ravens and the Chiefs have finally realized the benefits of the forward pass. Bad combination for Ravens bettors.

Pick against the spread: Chiefs

Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots

Point spread: Patriots -14

Total: 46.5

With Rob Gronkowski back you could make this line -17 and still take Patriots action. This matchup reeks of a backdoor cover as the Pats call off the dogs in the second half.

Pick against the spread: Titans +14

Cleveland Browns at Seattle Seahawks

Point spread: Seahawks -14.5 / Seahawks -15

Total: 42.5

This one has the makings of a blowout in just about every way, but the backdoor cover is very tempting with Johnny Manziel at quarterback for Cleveland. While the Seahawks may let up in the second half, the Browns have to see what they have with Johnny Football.

Pick against the spread: Browns +14.5

Green Bay Packers at Oakland Raiders

Point spread: Packers -3

Total: 46.5

The Raiders made a statement by downing the Broncos with a relentless pass rush. They could make Aaron Rodgers’ life difficult this week, too.

Pick against the spread: Raiders +3

Cincinnati Bengals at San Francisco 49ers

Point spread: Bengals -4 / Bengals -6

Total: 40.5

A.J. McCarron has already drawn comparisons between him coming in to relieve Andy Dalton and Tom Brady’s rise to fame. Right. Good thing McCarron has a strong ground game to lean on.

Pick against the spread: Bengals -4

Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers

Point spread: Steelers -5.5 / Steelers -6.5

Total: 44.5

Until the Broncos show they can put some points on the board, it’s hard to have much confidence in them against big time offences. The Broncos have been held to fewer than 30 points in four of their last five.

Pick against the spread:

Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers

Point spread: Chargers -2

Total: 45.5

As long as the Dolphins stick with stuffing the ball in Lamar Miller‘s gut 20 times, this is the best underdog bet on the board.

Pick against the spread: Dolphins +2

Sunday Night Football

Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles

Point spread: Cardinals -3.5

Total: 50

This matchup might feature the league’s most dysfunctional team against its best overall team. Guess which is which?

Pick against the spread: Cardinals -3.5

Monday Night Football

Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints

Point spread: Saints -3 / Saints -3.5

Total: 50.5

The Saints finally got a little help from their defence last week and Drew Brees should be able to light up this Lions defence at home on the Monday night stage.

Pick against the spread: Saints -3