NFL Spreads Week 14: Best Picks Against the Spread

Frank Doyle | Updated Dec 07, 2015

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are the best bet in the National Football League this season. 

Good NFL bettors will be the first to tell you streaks don’t mean much when the games kick off each Sunday.

Every game is a battle of matchups, and consistent bettors are able to identify mismatches to give them insight into betting NFL spreads. That’s where the money is.

If there’s one streak you should take notice of, it’s the run the Cincinnati Bengals are on against the spread. The Bengals are 10-1-1 against the spread this season as they get set to host their AFC North rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL Current Odds

NFL Spreads Week 13 Best Picks Against the Spread

Thursday Night Football

Minnesota Vikings at Arizona Cardinals

Point spread: Cardinals -7.5

Total: 45.5 / 46.5

Carolina might be getting all the attention with an undefeated season on the go, but don’t overlook Arizona when the playoffs come around. Let’s hope for a Panthers vs. Cardinals Conference Final.

Pick against the point spread:  Cardinals -7.5

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

Point spread: Panthers -7 / Panthers -7.5

Total: 46.5 / 47

The Panthers had at least two major scares in Week 13 – one on the scoreboard in New Orleans and one when Cam Newton ran to the locker room in the middle of the game. They made it through both of those and now have a legit shot at a perfect season.

Pick against the point spread:  Panthers -7

Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles

Point spread: Eagles -1.5

Total: 47

Just when you think the Eagles are just about set to fall apart, they come up with a huge upset against the Patriots. Knowing this team, a letdown is coming.

Pick against the point spread: Bills +1.5

Detroit Lions at St. Louis Rams

Point spread: Rams -1 / Pick ’em

Total: 41

If the Detroit Lions didn’t get burned by a bad call against the Packers and then completely forget how to play a Hail Mary defence, these odds would be a lot different. The Lions can steal this one on the road.

Pick against the point spread: Lions +1

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars

Point spread: N/A

Total: N/A

Pick against the point spread:

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Point spread: Buccaneers -4

Total: 50.5 / 51

Did you know the Buccaneers own the No. 2 rushing offence in the league? Did you know the Saints own the worst rushing, total and scoring defence in the league? You do the math.

Pick against the point spread: Buccaneers -4

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

Point spread: Bengals -3

Total: 49.5

The Bengals look like they’ll be without Adam Jones (foot) in the secondary and that’s bad news with Antonio Bryant coming to town. Still, this has the makings of another close one in the fourth quarter and the Bengals are awfully tough at home.

Pick against the point spread: Bengals -3

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

Point spread: Chiefs -10

Total: 45.5 / 45

At first glance this line looks way too high. Then you remember the Chiefs have won six in a row and San Diego has been held to a field goal in two of its last three games.

Pick against the point spread: Chiefs -10

San Francisco 49ers at Cleveland Browns

Point spread: Browns -1 / Browns -1.5

Total: 41

Johnny Manziel returns as the Browns starting quarterback this week. Whether or not that’s a good thing for Cleveland bettors is anyone’s guess but they should beat the Niners at home.

Pick against the point spread: Browns -1

Seattle Seahawks at Baltimore Ravens

Point spread: N/A

Total: N/A

Pick against the spread:

Tennessee Titans at New York Jets

Point spread: Jets -7

Total: 43 / 43.5

When the Titans are able to run the ball – like last week against the Jags – Marcus Mariota looks like a Pro Bowler. When they can’t he looks like a rookie trying to do too much. The Jets take away the running game here and spend a lot of time in the backfield.

Pick against the spread: Jets -7

Washington at Chicago Bears

Point spread: Bears -3.5

Total: 44

The Bears outplayed the Niners last week until everything fell apart. Last year a loss like that would be felt for weeks. This year, with John Fox at the helm, this team won’t go down without a fight.

Pick against the spread: Bears -3.5

Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos

Point spread: Broncos -7.5

Total: 43.5

This is the kind of team Gary Kubiak wanted all along. Now that the Broncos are controlling the clock with a nasty defence and a strong running game, the offence doesn’t have to do as much each week. It’s starting to look easy for Denver.

Pick against the spread:  Broncos -7.5

Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers

Point spread: Packers -7

Total:  43.5

Will last week’s Hail Mary push the Packers forward? If they can’t get it done at home against Dallas, there are huge problems in the land of Cheeseheads.

Pick against the spread: Packers -7

Sunday Night Football

New England Patriots at Houston Texans

Point spread: Patriots -3

Total: 44.5

There probably isn’t a team in the league that knows the Patriots’ systems better than the Texans. Still, when is the last time you remember the Patriots losing three in a row?

Pick against the spread: Patriots -3

Monday Night Football

New York Giants at Miami Dolphins

Point spread: Dolphins -1 / Giants -1.5

Total: 47

Your weekly coin-flip Giants matchup happens to be on the road on Monday Night Football. Seems like a perfect time for Tom Coughlin’s group to fumble away another winnable game.

Pick against the spread: Dolphins -1