NFL Power Rankings Week 7

Frank Doyle | Updated Oct 25, 2011

Let’s be honest. It’s Green Bay and then 31 other teams. Frank Doyle ranks ‘em after Week 7.

1 (-). Green Bay Packers, (7-0, 5-2-0 ATS). The NFL is Mr Rodgers’ neighborhood in 2011. MVP and then some.

2 (-). New England Patriots, (5-1, 3-2-1 ATS). The Patriots’ bye week came at the right time – just before a visit to Heinz Field.

3 (-). San Francisco 49ers, (5-1, 6-0-0 ATS). Perfect against the NFL betting spread. The Niners will be a popular pick when Cleveland visits Candlestick Park on Sunday.

4 (-). New Orleans Saints, (5-2, 4-3-0 ATS). In the history of cans of whup ass, the Saints opened a thirty-six gallon barrel of the stuff on the hapless Colts.

5 (-). Baltimore Ravens, (4-2, 4-2-0 ATS). That’s twice this year that the Ravens have got popped by an opponent they should have buried. Joe Flacco, as Al Dannity has pointed out, is a problem. Worrying times in the Free State of Maryland.

6 (-). Detroit Lions, (5-2, 4-3-0 ATS). The Lions have lost two straight and people are getting worried in the Motor City, but they should maintain perspective. Jim Schwartz would have snapped your hand off for 5-2, 4-3-0 ATS by Halloween if it were offered him at the start of the season.

7 (+3). Pittsburgh Steelers, (5-2, 3-4-0 ATS). The Steelers have a huge game this weekend when New England visits Pittsburgh. If the Steelers win, they’re right back among the elite. If New England wins, the door to the retirement home opens just that little bit more for some of the Steelers’ front line players.

8 (-1). Buffalo Bills, (4-2, 4-1-1 ATS). Buffalo has to beat Washington in Toronto on Sunday. Has to.

9 (-1). Oakland Raiders, (4-3, 4-3-0 ATS). Hue Jackson’s gone all-in in the hopes of filling an inside straight. The flop – geddit? – against Kansas City really didn’t help him.

10 (-1). San Diego Chargers, (4-2, 2-4-0 ATS). Just how bad that loss against the Jets was is hard to quantify. Sure, the Chargers got spanked and humiliated but what will it count in January? The Chargers are wobbling, but they’re far from done.

11 (+1). New York Giants, (4-2, 3-2-1 ATS). Miami up next. Bet Jason Pierre-Paul and his friends are looking forward to going fishing.

12 (+2). Cincinnati Bengals, (4-2, 5-1-0 ATS). Rookie quarterbacks Cam Newton and Tim Tebow are getting the ink but Andy Dalton is doing as good as job as either of them.

13 (+4). Chicago Bears, (4-3, 3-4-0 ATS). The Bears should have closed out the Bucs instead of letting them get back into the game in London. They might make the playoffs, but it’s still hard to see them doing damage once they get there.

14 (-3). Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (4-3, 3-4-0 ATS). Josh Freeman threw four interceptions last weekend to bring his season total to ten. There’s no future in that.

15 (-). New York Jets, (4-3, 3-3-1 ATS). The Jets had a statement win against San Diego but the road remains long before the Jets’ can cash the checks that Rex Ryan likes to write.

16 (-). Houston Texans, (4-3, 4-3-0 ATS). Huge win for Houston over Tennessee in the context of winning the AFC South.

17 (-4). Washington Redskins, (3-3, 3-3-0 ATS). Maybe it wasn’t all Grossman’s fault after all.

18 (+3). Atlanta Falcons, (4-3, 3-4-0 ATS). The Falcons will go as far as The Burner can carry them.

19 (-). Dallas Cowboys, (3-3, 3-3-0 ATS). Whoever loses between Dallas and Philly this weekend can kiss any hopes of the playoffs goodbye.

20 (-). Philadelphia Eagles, (2-4, 2-4-0 ATS). See above. What a game it’s going to be.

21 (-3). Tennessee Titans, (3-3, 3-3-0 ATS). Tennessee’s strong start seems just a distant memory now.

22 (+3). Kansas City Chiefs, (3-3, 4-2-0 ATS). The Chiefs could retain their divisional title yet. Huge game for them next Monday night when San Diego visits Arrowhead.

23 (-). Cleveland Browns, (3-3, 1-5-0 ATS). Cleveland’s 6-3 win over Seattle was ugly as sin but the fans were surely grateful just the same.

24 (+2). Carolina Panthers, (2-5, 5-1-1 ATS). 5-1-1 against the spread. Second only to the Niners. The Panthers will put it up to anybody.

25 (-1). Seattle Seahawks, (2-4, 4-2-0 ATS). Seattle has been historically strong at home. The Seahawks have a huge game coming up against Cincinnati this weekend.

26 (-4). Arizona Cardinals, (1-5, 1-4-1 ATS). Kevin Kolb is no Kurt Warner. So very few are.

27 (-). Denver Broncos, (2-4, 2-4-0 ATS). There’s a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie from the late ‘eighties called Death Warrant. During one fight scene Van Damme is kicked into a furnace. A live, burning, on fire, furnace. But that’s no problem for J-C – out he jumps and kicks the other guy’s ass for him. Tim Tebow leading Denver to the win against Miami reminded me of that furnace scene in Death Warrant. I mean, stuff like that just can’t happen in real life, right? Right?

28 (-). Minnesota Vikings, (1-6, 4-3-0 ATS). Ponder made things happen. The rookie showdown between himself and Cam Newton in Charlotte this Sunday will be compelling viewing.

29 (+2). Jacksonville Jaguars, (2-5, 2-5-0 ATS). They ought to change their name to the Jacksonville Scobees. Has a kind of ring to it.

30 (-1). Indianapolis Colts, (0-7, 2-5-0 ATS). Indy has to throw everything it’s got at Tennessee next week after suffering such a caning in New Orleans. Otherwise, the team is lost, gone, kaput.

31 (-1). Miami Dolphins, (0-6, 1-5-0 ATS). You know how the ’72 Dolphins meet up every year when the last undefeated team finally loses? Maybe they ought to arrange a party for this year if Miami manages to win one.

32 (-). St. Louis Rams, (0-6, 0-6-0 ATS). The Rams couldn’t win and couldn’t cover at any time this season but losing Sam Bradford as well is just cruel.

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