New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Preview

Frank Doyle | Updated Dec 09, 2011


The Cowboys and Giants are both flawed teams, but they look likely to serve up a hell of a game on Sunday night. Frank Doyle reports.

Timing is everything – in life, and in football. This time last week, Dallas looked like it was taking control of the NFC East while the Giants were listening to the nails being hammered home in the coffin.

Then Sunday happened, and all of a sudden it’s the Cowboys who are teetering on the abyss while the Giants are licking their lips at the thought of the playoffs. Even though Dallas and the Giants both lost on Sunday, it was the manner of the losses that’s making people look at the teams in a different way.

Dallas was a five point sports betting favorite on Sunday at Arizona. Not only did the Cowboys not cover, but they managed to lose straight-up thanks to incompetent clock management on head coach Jason Garrett’s part. This isn’t the first time Dallas has shot itself in the foot this year – the Cowboys loss to Detroit after being 24 points up will live the memory for some while yet.

And on the other hand there’s the Giants. The Giants are having another bad second half to the season. Last Sunday they hosted Green Bay having lost three straight, the most recent game being a humiliation at the hands of the Saints in quarterback Eli Manning’s home town, and it looked like time to throw in the towel.

Instead, the Giants reached deep inside themselves to give the Packers all they could handle, and would have beaten the NFL’s only undefeated team if it were not the fact that Aaron Rodgers is having a season for the ages right now.

So even though the Giants have lost four straight, they visit Dallas feeling like a team that’s stopped the rot, while the Cowboy fans have to be wondering how the team will find a way to lose this time.

Or are they? The Giants still haven’t won since Week 9 and they’ve got the worst rushing offense in the League. 83.8 yards a game – Adrian Peterson probably runs that far going back and forth to the fridge when he’s making his breakfast in the morning.

Dallas has some bad losses to show for the year, but there are some good wins too. And the Cowboys are hopeful that wide receiver Miles Austin and fullback Tony Fiammetta will be able to suit up on Sunday. The end of the Giants’ losing streak might not come as soon as they hope.