Marshawn Lynch's Guide to Speaking to the NFL Media

Mike Schultz | Updated Oct 04, 2017


Many of us know Marshawn Lynch as one of the best running backs in the leagues, steamrolling defensive backs and causing seismic shifts in Seattle en route to some unforgettable touchdown runs and leading the team to two consecutive Super Bowls.

Any other back would be happy with this type of on field production, but what makes Lynch a peculiar case is his penchant for annoying the NFL front offices with some rebellious behavior; including celebrating touchdowns by grabbing his crotch, wearing gold or Skittle patterned cleats during games and refusing to speak to the media.

The most entertaining of Lynch’s antics has to be his new found way of managing his required media availability each week. After being fined $50,000 for violating the NFL’s media policy during the 2013 season, Lynch has found a new way to fulfill his required duties. He answers every question with the same word or phrase regardless of whether or not it fits the question.

Here’s a quick list of Beast Mode’s well thought out and insightful take on playing in the NFL during the 2014 season.

November 23rd: marshawn-lynch-answers-yeah

Reporter: How did your back feel? Lynch: “Yeah.”

Reporter: Thoughts on how the defense played? Lynch: “Yeah.”

Reporter: Anything to add about today? Lynch: “Yeah.”

Reporter: Talk about the Cardinals Defense. Lynch: “Yeah.”

Reporter: What did you think of Russell Wilson’s day, overall? Lynch: “Yeah.”

Reporter: How is your back doing? Lynch: “Yeah.”

December 21st, 2014: marshawn-lynch-thanks-for-asking

Reporter: “What did you see on that long touchdown run?” Lynch: “Thanks for asking.”

Reporter: “Could you describe the 79-yard touchdown run?” Lynch: “Thanks for asking.”

Reporter: “How about the stomach issues earlier in the evening?” Lynch: “I appreciate you asking about my stomach. Thank you.”

Reporter: “Was there any concern whether you were gonna play at all tonight?” Lynch: “Thanks for asking. I appreciate it.”

January 10th, 2015: marshawn-lynch-is-thankful

Reporter: “What can you say about how you guys battled, especially with the pressure they were bringing up front in the third quarter?” Lynch: “I’m thankful.”

Reporter: “Talk about your performance in the second half with the big run” Lynch: “I’m thankful.”

Reporter: “When’s your next charity event?” Lynch: “I’m thankful.”

Reporter: “What was the song on the way to the game today, Marshawn?” Lynch: “I’m thankful.”

January 27th, 2015. Super Bowl Media Day: lynch-doesnt-want-to-get-fined

Reporter: [insert literally anything] Lynch: “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

Repeat 29 times.

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