Brett Favre Retires; Probably for Good This Time

Al Dannity | Updated Oct 04, 2017

Not for the first time, Brett Favre turned in his retirement papers with the NFL on Monday. Al Dannity believes this will finally be the last time Favre hangs up his cleats.

We’ve been here before The annual Brett Favre retirement merry-go-round officially began on Monday as the former Green Bay Packer/New York Jet/Minnesota Viking once again decided that his time was up. The cycle typically begins with Favre announcing his retirement shortly after his season is over, followed by a month or two of silence. Then shortly after the draft the first rumblings begin about Favre thinking he might give it one more try. Countless columns will mention how he’s working out with a high school team in Mississippi, his health will be questioned. Then at several points we will hear confirmed reports that he’s definitely not coming back before somebody reaches out to him. Lo and behold, either late in training camp or shortly afterwards, Favre decides to come back and his last ever season starts again. NFL betting fans are familiar with this by now but for once, there is reason to believe he’s gone for good.

Would anybody take him? Even Al Davis would have a hard time being convinced to sign Favre. Think of the baggage, on and off the field, the old gunslinger brings with him. His body is a wreck; the final few weeks of his action in 2010 was like a monster truck rally. He just kept getting hit time and again. Sure his body will feel better in May or June, he’ll have gone six months without getting socked, but if he suits up again he’ll be down by October. There are plenty of NFL teams in need of a quarterback but Favre simply lacks the appeal he had in the past. Then there are the other issues; those incidents from his time with the Jets that have produced more scandal than he’s worth.

He’s already cashing in While one should never say never, the fact that Brett Favre has started selling memorabilia relating to his career says plenty about where he is mentally. He may have felt he had retired all those previous times but he never did anything with this kind of finality. Finally, at the age of 392 (ok 40) Brett Favre realises his body has endured enough. It’s time to step out of the limelight, away from the madding crowd. Then in five years, no matter what happens with the scandals, he’ll get inducted at Canton. Of course, if he’d retired for real the first time he’d get inducted this year.