Atlanta Falcon’s New Food Prices Compared to NFL Average

Mike Schultz | Updated Sep 22, 2016


Any sports fan will tell you that if you want to have the full live sports experience at a ballpark or stadium, with a ticket and food and beer and souvenirs, you can expect to leave with an empty wallet. Consumers have begrudgingly accepted that $9 dollar beers and $7 dollar hot dogs are just part of the experience, as exorbitant as those prices seem.

Steve Cannon, CEO of the AMB Group, which owns the Atlanta Falcons, decided that they wanted to address this nationwide problem of overpriced concession foods next year when they open the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. “In any fan survey, food and beverage is one of the most important drivers of fan experience and the one that is the most broken,” Cannon said. “It’s either lack of quality, lousy delivery or bloodcurdling pricing.”

The organization believes that by charging less, they will make up for the difference in pure volume. There are 670 concession stands in the new stadium, which they expect will mean less wait times. Your time spent waiting in line will also be lessened by the fact that the pricing is to the dollar with taxes, meaning the time usually spent waiting for your change can be spent drinking that cheap beer and getting in line for the next one.


So how shockingly low are these prices? When compared to the other NFL stadiums, they seem like an absolute steal. A refillable soda can be yours for $2. A beer? $5. You want a hot dog with that beer? $2. Feeling fancy? A cheeseburger will put a $5 dollar dent in your pocket. Cannon says the prices at the new Falcons stadium are “60-70% cheaper” than their competitors, so we decided to tally up the numbers and see where the other NFL stadiums stacked up.


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